Week of September 12, 2010

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Which people devised the world's first irrigation system?
The Egyptians
The Greeks
The Romans

What color are the banners on the building used in the demonstration?

Red and blue
Red and white
Blue and white

In which month was the Hubble telescope launched?

Like a Fish to Water...

boy with pitcher and glass of waterHave you ever thought about a career in water? Maybe not, but hydrologists are anything but "all wet." Planet H2O, www.thirteen.
, helps kids like you understand all the wonders of water, and will have you discovering awesome jobs in regions like the Great Lakes, and maybe even outer space. If you are ready to tackle interactive water activities, head over to Take Control for topics you can explore yourself featuring pollution, technology and science. Could water work be in your future?

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An Artist's Eye

painting with perspective linesArtisan Cam's Canaletto: Exploring Perspective, www.artisancam.org.uk/
, is eye candy for budding artists of all ages. Discover how the Italian painter Canaletto created realistic space as you move through one of his paintings. You can see how he painted things smaller to make them appear farther away, and created perspective lines that give more depth in his work. Try out these skills as you drag and drop pictures onto a virtual canvas to create your own masterpiece.

Happy Birthday, Hubble

astronaut repairing the Hubble telescopeCelebrate the Hubble telescope and its journey into space 20 years ago at NASA's Hubble Anniversary Book, www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/hubble/
. This selection of images from Hubble: A Journey Through Space and Time highlights the spectacular legacy of the telescope. Scientists chose which amazing discoveries to feature, so prepare yourself to be wowed by star births and deaths, galaxies colliding and other amazing creations in the universe. Pass this one on to your favorite science teacher or astronomy buff.

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What kind of technology are you
most reliant on?

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Dear Amy: If you delete something on the computer, can someone still see it? — Claire, Miami, Okla.

Dear Claire: When you empty the recycle bin or directly delete a file, the file doesn't actually disappear. Deleting a file tells the operating system that it can write over the space in memory where that file was stored. The information stays in memory until it is overwritten by newer information. If you accidentally deleted the file, this is good news, because you might be able to track it down with file-recovery software. The sooner you run the recovery software, the better your chances that the file hasn't been overwritten yet. To learn more about recovering deleted files, go to http://computer.howstuffworks.com/question578.htm/printable.

Since deleted files can sometimes be recovered, it's a good idea to use a secure delete on items containing sensitive material such as financial information. On Mac OS X, you can secure delete by going to Finder and selecting Secure Empty Trash. You should also erase your hard drive before recycling, donating or selling a computer. Visit http://web.mit.edu/ist/
to find out how.


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