Week of September 5, 2010

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What phenomenon makes the “magic flower” work?
Capillary action

In what year was Georg Von Bekesy awarded the Nobel Prize?


Who was vice president when Ronald Regan was shot?
Lyndon B. Johnson
Gerald R. Ford
George H. W. Bush

Tricks Up Your Sleeve

the Surfing ScientistEntertain yourself and whoever happens to be nearby when you you pull out new party tricks, thanks to Surfing Scientists' The Lab, www.abc.net.au/science/
. Click on Science Tricks to see all the mind-boggling goodies this site has to offer. Try the Mobile Phone Disco and boogie down while you figure out how your eardrum works. To make an Air Head, break out a balloon and plastic cups, and top off a cardboard robot or use it as room decoration. Pass on Teachers’ Stuff to your instructors and move to the head of the class.

Nominate a cool website at:

Hear This

the inner earNobelPrize.org invites kids to open their minds as they journey into the human ear at The Ear Pages, http://nobelprize.org/
. Begin by exploring How We Hear, and challenge yourself by collecting snail-shaped items as you search the site. You can also practice your drawing skills when you doodle to replicate the inner ear with a template, pencil and eraser. Then take a quiz that features different levels depending on your ear expertise. I bet your knowledge of the ear is tuned up now!

One Step Away

campaign posterBetter take a good look at who is sitting pretty in the vice president’s chair, because he just might be the next president. The Smithsonian’s Presidents in Waiting, www.npg.si. edu/exhibit/VicePres/flash.html, shines the spotlight on past vice presidents who stepped up when their country needed them the most. The Gallery has a great timeline showing how certain vice presidents have helped lead the nation, while interviews shed some light on the different roles vice presidents have taken on to aid the president and the country in the past. Pick a famous face and begin!

Speak Out

If you could have one wish,
what would it be?

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Help! It's a Snack Attack

The first thing I do when I get home from school is head to the kitchen for a snack. After a busy afternoon at school, my tummy starts to rumble. What should I eat? Snacking has gotten a bad name in recent years, but if you choose healthy options and bypass junk food, a snack will keep you energized until dinner. Instead of reaching for the cookies, try apple slices with peanut butter, or some dried fruit. If you like the crunch of potato chips, try carrot sticks with hummus or air-popped popcorn. For snacking on the go, grab a granola bar, a single-serving box of raisins or a banana.

For more healthy snacking ideas, check out http://kidshealth.org/kid/
. Talk with your parents and come up with a list of healthy snacks you’d like to eat. Then, later at the grocery store, they can buy items from the list so that you always have healthy snacks at home.

Miss the junk food? It’s OK to have a little from time to time, but be sure to keep most of your snacks healthy. Your body will thank you!


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