Week of August 15, 2010

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What is remote sensing?
A form of radar
Technology used to remotely control your TV
Technology used to see the Earth from a distance

How many Chinese Americans live in the U.S.?

Over 2 million
Over 3 million
Over 4 million

What kind of pet does Alvir keep in her lab?
A fish
A bird
A gerbil

A Look at Our World

the EarthSneak a peek at what the planet looks like from far away at Earth from Space, www.earthfromspace.si.edu. Our home planet is amazing and dynamic, and its beauty is certainly worth exploring. Visit Water and Air in the Online Exhibit to see how weather travels over the globe as you zoom in and out to get different views of storms and clouds. Click on Structure of the Land to view enhanced images of Mount Kenya in ravishing red and gorgeous green, or the blue and gold sand dunes in Yemen. The Earth is certainly a masterpiece.

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Asian Pacific Appreciation

Yo-yo MaLearn something new about Asian cultures at Scholastic's Asian Pacific American Heritage, http://teacher.scholastic.com/
. Read through all the chapters of Angel Island to discover Li Keng Wong's amazing story of immigration from China to Oakland, Calif. Roll your mouse over the Explore Asian Immigration map to reveal where many immigrants have ended up. Then, if you are feeling crafty, check out Arts and Crafts for fun projects such as making kites or zodiac necklaces.

Doing Good

JavelWaterOutsmart the sinister JavelWater at Micro Discoveries Online, www.musee-afrappier.qc.ca/en/
. Alvir needs your help to prove that germs are important to our survival and keep JavelWater from destroying them all. Choose a hypothesis to begin, and then search for clues that you hope will help you convince JavelWater to release Alvir from her cage. Look closely in Alvir’s office, the laboratory and the kitchenette as you work quickly to collect proof in order to free Alvir. Good luck, young scientist!

Speak Out

What is your favorite Asian dish?

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Be in the Know

Every kid has questions about how the world works, from why the sky looks blue to why chopping onions makes you cry. The Web makes it easy to find answers to these and any other perplexing questions you might have. For example, did you know that water isn’t colorless? It’s very slightly blue-colored. For more cool facts than you know what to do with, as well as the latest science news, check out these awesome sites.

Ask a Scientist

EarthSky FAQs

Everyday Mysteries

The Why Files


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