Week of August 1, 2010

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How many species of crocodiles are there?

What shell is used as an instrument in Copy Tec?

The Giant Clam
The Snail
The Conch

Why is the Cholla called the jumping cactus?
It wiggles and moves in the wind
Its stems break off
It can actually jump

News Kids Can Use

Selena GomezBBC's Newsround, http://news.bbc.co.uk/
, is the perfect place for kids to brush up on world happenings, from politics to natural disasters, with a dash of pop culture. This interactive news site encourages you to chat with other kids and weigh in on banning dogs from parks or getting rid of the term “obese.” You can also read up on your favorite celebs, such as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. With frequent updates, you will always be “in the know,” so explore and enjoy today!

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Aztec Treasures

Aztec musicianTec's Challenges, www.mexicolore.co.uk/kids/
, is a great site for those looking to learn more about the ancient Aztec people who once inhabited parts of Mexico. Click on Tec’s Sacri-Face and enjoy the musical stylings of Aztec woodwind and percussion instruments, and see if you can remember which is which when Tec plays them back to you. Then test your searching skills in Tec's Codex hunt, where items are cleverly hidden and wait for your discovery. Keep your eyes peeled!

It's a Hot One

gila woodpeckerJourney to the Sonoran Desert at Desert Botanical Garden's Virtual Habitat, www.dbg.org/digl/virtual-habitat.html, and discover a diverse and extraordinary place. This interactive website features prickly cacti and small desert dwellers, such as the scorpion, so be sure to look closely before you make your move. Remember this site when you have to complete a geography assignment. From the unpredictable cholla to the beautiful buttes many plants and animals call home, this desert is a delightful place to visit via the Internet – or better yet, in person!

Speak Out

What is the best way
to stay organized at school?

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We Can Do It!

Health experts always stress the importance of good nutrition and exercise. If you're not already eating right and staying active, it can be hard to change your habits. That's why the We Can! movement is encouraging families to work together to eat better, have fun exercising and spend less time in front of the TV and computer. The We Can! website, www.nhlbi.nih.gov/
, has tons of great tips that families can use to get fit and healthy. Learn how to make good food choices, even when you're eating out. When you're eating at home, try out some of the cool snack ideas and recipes.

After fueling your bod with good food, find an activity to do together, like swimming, hiking or playing a sport. Make a plan to do these activities regularly with your family a couple of times each week. Find ways to add more activity into your day. For example, you can walk or bike to school, or you can spend some time playing outside instead of watching TV or using the computer. You'll be getting fit and having lots of good times.


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