Week of July 25, 2010

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What is Ping Chong's second tale?
"The Dragon's Treasure"
"Gentle Warrior"
"Little Worm"

What math skill is featured in “Atlantean Dodgeball”?


Which legal case determined that segregation in schools was unfair?
Brown vs. The Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas
Plessy vs. Ferguson
Regents of the University of California vs. Bakke

A Dark Form

dragonTry your hand at shadow puppetry when you visit the Kennedy Center’s Playing With Shadows, http://artsedge.kennedy-
. Shadow puppets can be any number of things. From horses and bears to villains, the options are endless. Behind The Scenes will help you discover the importance of lighting and special screens. Then create your own show where you get to be the mastermind behind the art! Before you go, meet the masters behind the magic for a dose of creative genius.

Nominate a cool website at:

Noshing on Numbers

King and QueenGotta a math craving? Math Snacks, http://mathsnacks.
, is waiting to satisfy you. These Math Snacks are really short, animated games and videos designed to help learners master different mathematical concepts. Maybe you want to go on a bad date to discover ratios, or watch how Scale Ella, the resident superhero, clarifies all you need. You can even download these munchable mathmatical treats to your mobile device as you learn more about math away from your desk.

Totally Unfair!

newsboyNo doubt we have all felt like we have been unfairly treated at one time or another. PBS Kids’ It's Not Fair, http://pbskids.org/wayback/fair, helps put various injustices into focus. Partner up for a game of Inequity, where you have to decide whether something is right or not. If you have a personal story about bad treatment, get if off your chest in Speak Out. Go to Ask an Owl to get an older, wiser perspective on your personal challenges. The lesson is always to treat others well and hope they will do the same for you.

Speak Out

If you had to pick one book
to take to a deserted island,
which one would you choose?

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Dear Amy: How do you decide what you want to be when you grow up? — Deby, Niles, Ill.

Dear Deby: Deciding what to be when you grow up can be hard. There are so many cool, exciting jobs to choose from! A good place to start is by thinking about what you like to do. If you enjoy learning about nature, maybe you would like to be a biologist. Is art more your thing? Web designers, photographers and special effects technicians all put their creativity to use. Get even more job ideas at www.bls.gov/k12. Start by choosing a subject you’re interested in and explore some of the cool careers in that field.

A fun way to learn more about a career is to interview someone with that job to find out what it’s like. Kidsnewsroom interviewed 12 people with neat jobs and posted their answers at www.kidsnewsroom.org/careers/careers.asp. Another thing people do to learn more about a career is job shadowing. That's where you spend time with a person at work, observe what he or she does as part of the job and ask questions.

Don’t worry if you're not sure what you want to be when you grow up. Lots of people change their minds before deciding what they want to do. So spend time with a person at work, observe and ask questions.


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