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What drug makes tobacco so addictive?

What did most Triassic dinosaurs eat?

Small plants

When did the United States become an independent nation?

Rock On, Girls!

girls with a laptopBe healthy, be happy, be you, beautiful, at GirlsHealth.gov, www.girlshealth.gov. This site helps young ladies discover how to take good care of themselves, emotionally and physically. Learn about healthy eating habits to carry into adulthood, and check out workout tips in Fitness to boost body confidence. Have you ever wondered if your emotions are normal? Your Feelings can put some of your “blues” into perspective, and Relationships will help you navigate young love. Growing up can be tough, but this site will keep you going strong!

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Discovering Dinos

dinosaurAll dinosaur lovers should stomp over to Scholastic's Dinosaurs, http://teacher.scholastic.com/
. Ask a Dinosaur Expert will hook you up with Sue Hendrickson, a real paleontologist, who shares her dino drama with young and curious minds. Show What You Know is full of quizzes and games, where you can test your knowledge of these ancient beasts. If you are feeling creative, venture over to Dinosaurs Under Construction, where you can build your own dinosaur as you choose body parts from heads to tails. Enjoy!

How the U.S. Was Born

portrait of Frederick DouglassDiscover the players who made America what it is today at American Origins, www.npg.si.edu/exhibit/origins. This site uses portraits to highlight important moments in American history and is sure to delight visual learners everywhere. Click on an image in the Gallery Overview to begin. Travel back to the antebellum period, for instance, to learn about America's efforts to enact social reform through good works. Once you choose a period, different works of art will guide you though the social history that helped shape and influence the American people.

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What’s your favorite thing to do
at the beach?

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Let's Hit the Beach!

My favorite vacation destinations have a nice, sandy beach. Whether you prefer to play in the sand or take a dip, there's always something fun to do by the sea. The beach is also an awesome place to see science in action. You can learn about marine life, see how waves work, and even figure out what exactly sand is made of on this virtual trip to the beach. No sunscreen required!

Marine Biology: The Living Oceans

Animal Guide

Oceans in Motion

Sand Experiment


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