Week of July 11, 2010

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What does a Zamboni machine do?
Washes, cuts and lays ice
Waxes and polishes hardwood floors
Creates aluminum cans

Which strands move through the gel the fastest?

Long strands
Medium strands
Short strands

What kind of clay is used to make porcelain?
Gray clay
White clay
Pink clay

Choose Your Path

apple, graduation cap and notepadDo you ever daydream about what you'll be when you grow up? Having a job is part of that equation, and Career Aisle, http://knowitall.scetv.
, will help you to explore your options. This great site has sections for even the youngest kids, so check out exciting jobs, such as law enforcement or construction, and see what you will have to do to make your dreams come true. Watching all the great videos, from becoming an ice cream maker to working as a veterinary assistant, may just inspire you as you look towards the future.

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Beyond Our Vision

scientist holding a beakerHave you ever wondered how scientists deal with microscopic elements that the naked eye cannot see? The University of Utah's Gel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab, http://learn.genetics.utah.
, has the answers for you. This hands-on learning lab challenges you to see if you can figure out the length of certain DNA strands. The gel used in this experiment is like a special Jell-O sponge used by scientists. So don your safety goggles, add an electrical current and watch what you get!

An Eastern Influence

portrait of Henrietta JohnstonFor those interested in Asian art and history, The Art of Asia, www.artsmia.org/art-of-asia, is a gem of a website. Click on History and Maps for an overview of historical facts and beautiful works from China, Japan and Korea. You can also browse through maps from various time periods to reveal how Chinese dynasties changed throughout the centuries. Click on Buddhism for a great resource about one of the world’s most influential religions in art, and Architecture will interest anyone who wants to get a glimpse of life in parts of Asia.

Speak Out

What is your best talent?

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Dear Amy: What's another way to clean the bathtub without using toxic chemicals? — Henry, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dear Henry: Many people create their own cleaning products out of basic ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and soap. Not only are they easy to make, they’re also better for the environment than commercial cleaners. You can create a soft scrub to clean the bathtub by combining 1/2 cup of baking soda and 2-3 tablespoons of liquid soap. You can also use this scrub to clean the sink and tile surfaces. For more natural cleaning recipes, check out www.ecocycle.org/hazwaste/recipes.cfm. Your bathroom will be sparkling clean and green!

Dear Amy: What is the last number ever? — Khylle, New York

Dear Khylle: It might sound weird, but there isn't one! Think of any really large number you want. It might be thousands of digits long, but it can always be made bigger by adding 1 to it. See the problem? Learn more about really large numbers at http://mathforum.org/dr.math/faq/
. You’ll even learn about infinity and what a googol is. (Hint: It’s not an Internet search engine.)


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