Week of December 20, 2009

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What is the legal drinking age?

Who will guide you through the West Terrace?
Isaac and Emily
Isa and Ellen
Ian and Erin

How much does the Weddell Seal weigh?
800 lbs.
1,000 lbs.
1,200 lbs.

Just Say “No”!

cartoon girlSaying “no” to your peers when it comes to alcohol is an important skill to master and a real challenge for you no matter your age. The Cool Spot, www.thecoolspot.gov, offers The Young Teen’s Place for Info on Alcohol and Resisting Peer Pressure, which will guide you through tough situations when you might feel pressure to drink. Facts About Alcohol gives you the 411 on just how harmful drinking can be. You should also remember that any underage drinking can lead to an arrest! All these lessons will reinforce your resolve, so browse and become empowered with respect for your growing body!
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A Lesson in Economics

shopping mallHave you bought anything lately? Find out how important your consumption is to our economy at YouAreHere, www.ftc.gov/
. This virtual mall will have you traveling from different stores to the food court, chatting up the employees as you figure out how capitalism plays a role in your life as you purchase. A trip through the shopping center will teach you all you need to know to be a savvy shopper, from spotting false advertising to understanding business mergers. Keep spending your money smartly!

A Chill in the Air

polar bearTravel north to Arctic, A Friend Acting Strangely, http://forces.si.
. Just like other places on Earth, the Arctic is affected by global warming. From intense storms to migrations of new species, the Arctic meltdown is hard to ignore and important to address. Learn all you can about the animals whose lives have been changed, such as the polar bear and caribou, and try to figure out what you can do to help them. No matter where you live, understanding climate change is the first step to making a difference.
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Fun All Winter Long

Like a lot of other kids, I always look forward to winter break. It's a great time to hang out with family, enjoy the winter holidays and cozy up with a good book. If I'm lucky, it will snow, and my friends and I will go sledding. No matter what the weather, winter break is a great time to have fun indoors or out. Need some ideas for what to do? Here are some icy cool sites with winter crafts, online games and more!

Fun Things to do With Kids in the Snow


CBC Kids Games

Family Fun Winter Crafts & Ideas


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