Week of December 6, 2009

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What is the largest frog in the world?
American Bullfrog
Cane Toad
Goliath Frog

Where does Judd Case work?
Saint Mary’s College of California
Smithsonian Institute
San Diego Natural History Museum

What piece of jewelry did Kofi wear when she went to the “special place”?


green poison dart frogFrogs: A Chorus of Colors, www.amnh.org/exhibitions/
, presents a rainbow-like palette of beautiful jumpers. Click on Frog Species to discover some different types of frogs, such as the green invader. Here you'll see where they come from and what they are up to. A Frog's Life will shed some light on how frogs have evolved over time with some great illustrations that you can scroll through. If you want to see frogs in action, check out the FrogCam, which features a vivarium that houses up to 75 different frog species.
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Dino Days

dinosaur's headThe National Science Foundation's Digging Dinosaurs at www.nsf.gov/
introduces you to these long-extinct animals. You may think you know everything about these mammoth creatures from movies and books, but discover the real science that goes into interpreting important information left behind by these magnificent beasts. Dig deep in Some Answers & More Questions to find out what scientists know for sure and what they are still hoping to uncover about the past.

The Chains of History

woodblock print of slaveTravel back in time to meet African slaves and learn all you can about their forgotten pasts before they were taken from their homes in Slaves' Stories, www.diduknow.info/slavery. In the 18th century, many Africans were brought into slavery by European traders. Click on Meet Your Guides and get to know Okechukwu, Kofi, Oyeladun and Kwame. Each person had a life, family, hopes and dreams before he or she was captured. As you read about them, you will discover cool artifacts and photos detailing the lives they led in their native lands.
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What is your favorite part of the
holiday season?

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Winter Storm Watch

In many areas of the U.S., winter means more than the holiday season. It can also mean lots of snow and other wild winter weather. If you're going to brave the cold, it's important to know how to dress. Be sure to wear lots of layers of clothing, and always wear a hat because you lose a lot of body heat through your head. Some outdoor activities like ice-skating and snowboarding require safety gear, so remember that helmet! For more tips on what to wear in winter and playing safely in the cold, check out www.cps.ca/caringforkids/keepkidssafe/WinterSafety.htm and http://kidshealth.org/parent/firstaid_safe/outdoor/winter_safety.html.

Wondering what's in store for you this winter? Go to Fema Kids, www.fema.gov/kids/wntstrm.htm, to find out what the winter weather is typically like in your area. You can also do some Winter Storm Disaster Math or read up on important terms, so you know the difference between a Winter Weather Advisory and a Winter Storm Warning.


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