Week of November 29, 2009

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Where did Lyndon Johnson teach?

Why was Carmen picked on?
She is in a wheelchair
She has epilepsy
She stutters

Who designed the “Bless You Chair”?
Louise Campbell
Yeohlee Teng
Christophe Pillet

The 411 at 101

Socks the catTake an introductory course on the White House at WhiteHouse101, Facts and Fun for All Ages, www.
. Check out Our Presidents for the lowdown on our nation’s leaders and what made these men of power tick. Fun Facts holds some cool presidential surprises as you scroll through little-known tidbits sure to surprise. For example, did you know any plane the president boards is referred to as “Air Force One”? Before you move on, visit First Pets to meet the furry friends of our nation's chief executives.
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Kindness Saves

SallyBust bullies at the Pacer Center's Kids Against Bullying at www.pacerkids
. Wander through this virtual school to hear some firsthand accounts of bullying at Kids Say. You can also Ask Sally some tough questions for real advice about handling the bullies that roam the halls in your life. If you need to know more about bullying, click on Smart Stuff and look for Spot It! for tips on how to know if someone needs help. Stop It! has great tips on what you can do to create more peace on your school’s campus.

Fabulous Felting

outfit made of feltGet a good feel for a new material at Fashioning Felt, http://exhibitions.
, where textile fans will find tons of cool facts on felt and discover the many ways it can be used. Peruse the Process, where you will learn one method used to make felt and get to see great photos of artists in action as they create carpets from felt. Objects will open your eyes to the popular projects that people take on with colorful examples of clothes, art, rugs and more! For further felt inspiration, click on Blog to discover felting all over the world.
Speak Out

How do you deal with the bullies
in your life?

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Dear Amy: I need activities and ideas for very young children ages 3 to 5. Where can I navigate to? — Olga, Anthony, N.M.

Dear Olga: The Internet makes it easy to find tons of activities and ideas for any age. For activities you can do at home or in a classroom, check out Gayle's Preschool Rainbow at www.preschoolrainbow.org.

For some online fun, a good place to look is www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?
, where you can find games designed just for toddlers and preschoolers. Many television networks also have their own Web sites that are full of games and coloring pages based on popular characters. Try visiting www.nickjr.com and http://pbskids.org. They’ll have a blast!

Dear Amy: Where can I find good antivirus software that's free to download? — Zainab, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dear Zainab: It's really important to have good antivirus software on any computer that’s used to surf the Web. Luckily, you can download quality software for free at http://free.avg.com and www.comodo.com/products/free-products.php. Stay safe out there!


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