Week of November 22, 2009

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What is a catchment?
Another name for a spider web
An area where water flow is restricted
An area of land defined by the common flow of water on it

What is The Tumbleweed?
A robot designed for traveling through the desert
A balloon shaped robot
A Western movie featuring robots

When was Mary Henry born?

Under the Surface

sea starWelcome to The Reef Education Network, REN, at www.reef.edu.au. Reefs are collections of coral that lie beneath the water and house many watery mysteries just waiting to be discovered. Ask A Brain Coral if you have questions about the ocean, the animals that live there and queries on sea-life reproduction. Reefs are very delicate ecosystems and must be protected. Click on Problems and Solutions to see what can be done to keep the reefs and their inhabitants healthy and happy. Note Who's Who to find out all you can about life under the sea.
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Do the Robot

robo dogsDue to their human qualities, it is hard not to notice a robot! The National Science Report, www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/robotics, invites you to explore robotics and see what scientists have in store for the future. Right now, the quest for “high intelligence” continues, and many bots are quite advanced. See what robots are waiting to offer helping hands, such as the nursebot, who helps the elderly in their homes. Then visit Where No Human Can Go to meet robots who can live and work in hazardous conditions.

Remembering Through Art

US Flag Old GloryThe National Portrait Gallery presents CivilWar@Smithsonian, www.civilwar.si.edu, where you can celebrate important moments in history, specifically the War Between the States, with a trip through a virtual museum. Browse through the timeline for important highlights that mark turning points in the war. Next, pop over to Collections and choose from categories such as First Blood, Weapons and Cavalries to see all the information and photos this gallery has to offer. Just one click on the arrow at the top of the page, and you will get to travel back in time!
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Dear Amy: What are some legal music sharing sites? — Ariel, Los Angeles

Dear Ariel: If you search for “free music” on the Internet, you're going to find lots of search results linking to all kinds of download Web sites. Some of the ways in which people download music online are legal, but other times they illegally download copyrighted music. It's important to know the difference and only share and download music legally.

When artists record music, they copyright that music so that people who want to own a copy must purchase it on either a CD recording or through an online store. When people illegally share copies of copyrighted music, they are technically stealing from the artist and the recording company. There are exceptions, though. Many artists and recording companies distribute free promotional songs online. Check out www.musicunited.org to learn about what's legal and what's not.

If you want to discover new music, check out www.epitonic.com, where you can download free promotional music. Another cool place to look is www.artistserver.com. Both sites are free to join, but be sure to ask a parent for permission first!


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