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What is the herbarium?
A collection of projects and papers about the prairie
A virtual hike through the prairie
A research and identification tool

What is a colony?
A large group of animals that live together
A group of species from the same plant family
A group of wild animals

When was “A Boy Aged Two” painted?


flowerAlmost everyone knows that our Earth is changing at a rapid pace. Landscape Change: Landscape Loss at http://livingprairie.ca/home.
will help inform you about the slow disappearance of tall grass prairies in North America. Landscape Over Time will give you a better idea of what the grasslands used to look like and how their appearance has been altered. Also stop into the Reading Room and see projects on the grasslands and play games that will help improve your environmental awareness. Taking care of our planet should be a priority.
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Bat Your Wings

batsVenture into the dark unknown with Soar With Bats: Night Fliers of the Skies, http://teacher.
. Start at Level 1, and move up to Level 2 as your bat expertise grows. Maybe you will end up with Dr. Nancy Simmons looking at how these mammals have adapted to their environments over time. You might also discover how different diets affect how bats look. No matter which level you begin with, check out the helpful vocabulary sections that will have you speaking like an expert in no time!

Surroundings, Speak!

painting of childTalking Objects from The Museum Network, www.museumnetworkuk.
, will help you form a new appreciation of the past with artifacts, relics and artwork. The Themes will walk you through common ideas presented in art, such as conflict, worship and even death. Understanding the importance of these themes in various cultures explains how societies other than our own view art, and why its creation is important even now. Next take in the sights at The Gallery to view a selection of famous works and obtain an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.
Speak Out

What is your favorite part of
Thanksgiving dinner?

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Holiday Histories

It's almost time for Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday dish has always been green bean casserole, even though I know it's nothing like what the Pilgrim colonists would have served. The way we celebrate Thanksgiving is a lot different from the first Thanksgiving that took place in 1621. Find out what the first Thanksgiving might have been like and the history behind other well-known holidays at these celebration-worthy sites.

Plimoth Plantation Thanksgiving

Investigating the First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving

History of the Holidays


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