Week of November 8, 2009

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Who can help you find Grampy?

What kind of bags should you use at the store?

What are stiles?
Permanent wooden structures used for climbing
Racks to display clothing in stores
A special tool used to carve wood

Seeing Is Believing

pizzaTake a different approach to fractions at Visual Fractions, www.visualfractions.com. Different kinds of learners benefit from a variety of teaching tactics when it comes to grasping tough math concepts. Instead of just pumping out numbers, Visual Fractions is ready to show you how those numbers look! Through graphs and pie charts, math can take on a new face and, in turn, you may gain new understanding. If seeing is believing, this is the site for you, so make sure to share it with other math lovers in your life.
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Hello There, Polar Bear

polar bearsCheck in with some furry white friends who are in need of help at the Polar Bear Challenge, www.mathamanda.com/
. By now you probably know that the Arctic environment is increasingly at risk due to global warming. To play the game, name your polar bear buddy and correctly answer environmental trivia questions to help your bear travel across the water. If you get the answers right, your bear will safely arrive on the other side, where his fish feast awaits.

With Design in Mind

chairIf you have ever glanced around and wondered why your surroundings look the way they do, Discover Design, www.designmuseum.org/
, is the site for you. What Do You See? helps explain all the different elements that go into making something aesthetically pleasing, like clothing and furniture. What Is It Made Of and Why? gives you the lowdown on why certain materials are better than others, depending on the creation in question. But most important, What Does It Do? helps young designers keep in mind the true purpose of the object they’re imagining.
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Dear Amy: Where can I find information on how to save money?
— Kimberlee, Chaguanas, Trinidad

Dear Kimberlee: Earning and managing your own money takes a little practice and organization. Get the scoop on earning, saving and spending your money wisely at PBS Kids It's My Life, http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/
. Be sure to check out Spending Smarts for helpful tips from real kids and the It's My Life mentors. Want some practice? Try your hand at managing money in a virtual world at FedVille, www.frbsf.org/education/
. Have fun, and remember to spend wisely!

Dear Amy: I am having a hard time learning my capitals. Is there a Web site that can help me? — Hannah, Newark, Ohio

Dear Hannah: There are tons of ways to practice your state capitals! One way to memorize them is to fill in a map with each state capital. You can also try making your own state flashcards. My favorite way to practice is by playing games such as Capital Penguin at www.4kids.org/games or U.S. State Capitals Hangman at www.factmonster.com/games/hangman/
. You’ll be a capital pro before you know it.


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