Week of October 25, 2009

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Why do scientists use plastic wrap on a giant squid specimen?
To keep it smelling fresh
To support its arms and tentacles
To protect it from germs

How many electron beams does the cathode ray tube fire?

Where was Dr. James Hampson born?
Memphis, Tenn.
Little Rock, Ark.
New Orleans

Totally Tentacles!

giant squidWatch out for those giant squid at The Colossal Squid Exhibition, http://squid.
. Get to work designing your own squid as you carefully choose its eyes, head shape and tentacles. Once you have created your beautiful beast, have fun with it before you set it free. If animated squid are not your thing, click on Squid Files to see amazing photos of some real-life sea “monsters” and discover how scientists research these creatures. Before you move on, take time to visit the Exhibition, where you will find out just what it takes to capture and care for the giant squid.
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Capturing the Moment

film projectorCameras of all types are important because they help us to record moments in time. The American Museum of the Moving Image's Shutters, Sprockets and Tubes: How Moving Image Machines Work, http://movingimage.us/
, will help you see how these images are made. If you wonder how blockbuster movies get from production to theaters, choose How Film Cameras Work. If television is your thing, learn how still pictures are played in rapid succession on the TV as you are unwinding at home.

Touching History

potteryThere is no need to be “on site” as you take a stroll through the Virtual Hampson Museum, http://hampsonmuseum.cast.uark.
. This Web site uses cutting edge 3-D technology to bring American Indian artifacts to life. The museum, near Wilson, Ark., is home to a diverse selection of native art from the Nodena people. Click on Browse the Collection and use your mouse to highlight the object you want to “get in touch” with. Unlike real museums, this 3-D application makes handling these amazing works acceptable. Have fun with this hands-on experience.
Speak Out

Skiing or surfing? Which is cooler and why?

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Dear Amy: I am learning about addition and wanted to play some fun addition games. Where can I go? — Emily, Great Bend, Kan.

Dear Emily: Playing math games is a great way to practice your skills and have fun at the same time! Try some of the number games at www.funbrain.com/kidscenter.html. Warm up with Math Baseball, and then get fired up with MathCar Racing. Want to challenge your friends? Check out the new multiplayer game, Jet Ski Addition, at www.4kids.org/games. You’ll be a math whiz in no time!

Dear Amy: I cannot get to my favorite Web site. What should I do? — Odi, Bon Accord, Canada

Dear Odi: There are a few reasons you might not be able to find your favorite site. If the site is having technical problems, you might see an error message or a “not found” page when you try to visit. If so, try visiting later.

If you forgot the URL, you can probably find the site using a search engine. I like to use www.askkids.com or http://kids.yahoo.com. Search for the site by name or keywords that describe the site such as “animals” or “games”. Once you find the site, be sure to bookmark it for next time!


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