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What cut the sparrow's tongue in “Tongue-Cut Sparrow”?
A sword
The sparrow's beak

When did Microsoft join the Internet?

What do you cover the inside of a solar oven with?
Solar cells
Tin foil
Gold leaf

It Will Be Legendary!

fairy-tale mouse familyBroaden your cultural horizons with a visit to Kids Web Japan: Folk Legends, http://web-japan.org/
. This site features many stories that Japanese children hear while they’re growing up. This fairy-tale world has a cool library full of fantasy, which can fulfill your need to be scared by ogres or inspired by heroes. No matter what story you choose, or where you are from, the morals in these stories will seem familiar to everyone around the world.
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apple II computerNerds 2.0.1, www.pbs.org/
, invites geeks to unite and celebrate the powerful effects of the Internet. Networking the Nerds shows how heads were put together to come up with important elements of today's global network. If you have ever wondered how connections across the world were made, check in with Wiring the World, where you will learn all about the rise of the personal computer and how it changed the way we communicate. Whether you love Macs or PCs, this site will give you a new appreciation for the wonder of the Web.

Observing Your World

spacemanSometimes you just need to see it and do it in order to believe it. Visit the Museum of Science and Industry, www.msichicago.org/online-science, to view videos and try your hand at different projects that highlight a variety of subjects, from biology to chemistry. If you would like to witness a baby chick being born as it breaks out of its shell or see what simple machines you can create in your own home, this site will leave all science enthusiasts inspired. Make sure to share this site with friends and teachers, so others can share in your discoveries about the world around us.
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Behind the Scenes

When you're enjoying a great movie, it's easy to forget how much time and effort went into every scene. It's not until the credits are rolling that I stop and wonder how many people worked on the movie and how they created such awesome special effects. If you've ever made a film for a class project, you know that even five minutes of screen time can take a lot of work.

After a little research, I found out that Hollywood movies often require the work of hundreds of people. There are also different parts to a movie including screenwriting, producing, directing, acting and editing. To learn how each part of the moviemaking process works, go to www.learner.org/

Technology plays an important role in the cinema, too. Today's action and adventure movies wouldn't be quite as thrilling without computer-generated special effects. If you want to get the scoop on how computer animation works, check out http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/computer-
. You'll never look at movies the same way again!


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