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What is a swarm?
An area with poisonous swamp gas
A dense cluster of animals
Insects that are moving very quickly

What is the corona?
The sun's core
The sun's inner atmosphere
The sun's outer atmosphere

In how many states can an earthquake occur?

Wet and Wild

Beware of Jellyfish signWatch out for those tentacles! Jellyfish Gone Wild, www.nsf.gov/news/
, may make you think twice about diving into the deep blue. On their own, most jellyfish are no big deal. Sure they can sting, but in large swarms they can disable boats, cause major damage to fish farms and even kill the occasional swimmer. Click on Swarms to find out more about where these slimeballs gather and why they group together in such large numbers. Be sure to stay safe when you venture into the ocean!
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So Bright and Beautiful

surface of the sunWear your sunglasses and shield your eyes from the glory of the sun at Sungazer, www.sungazer.net. Gaze at photos of sunspots, rivers of hot gas and more in Solar Imagery. Equipment will help you understand different technologies that allow scientists to solve the mysteries about the closest star to Earth. Ready for a real journey? Take a trip in Solar Video to see the sun as you’ve never seen it before. The next time you feel the sun’s warm glow, you will have a better understanding of this bright light in the sky.

Always be Prepared!

make a supply kitNo matter what the situation, Ready Kids, www.ready.gov/kids, will get you in gear and prepare you to tackle anything that comes your way. Step 1: Create a kit full of basic necessities, so you can survive during an emergency. Step 2: Talk to your family and come up with a survival plan. Step 3: Research different emergency situations, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, so that you know exactly what you are dealing with. Step 4: Take the quiz at Readiness U to find out if you are prepared to graduate safety school with honors!
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What is your favorite recipe to make?

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All Systems Go!

Did you know that an adult’s body has 206 bones? If that seems like a lot, try to imagine how many cells are in your body. That number is in the trillions! Each cell has a specific purpose and is part of a larger system in the body. Each system is specialized for important tasks such as respiration and digestion. Want to learn more? Explore the science behind your amazing bod and get to know your systems with these awesome sites.

How the Body Works

Your Gross and Cool Body

Your Body

Guinness World Records - Human Body


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