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What happens to plastic when it is recycled?
It is washed and cut into pieces.
It is boiled to remove impurities.
It is soaked in hot oil.

How much fat is in cream of mushroom soup?
12 grams
24 grams
36 grams

What is Sir Nicholas Carew's nickname?
Nick the Quick
Nick the Slick
Tricky Nicky

Going Green

eeko creatureEmbrace your environmental side at Eekoworld, http://pbskids.org/eekoworld. From making smart choices around the house to knock-knock jokes, this site has Earth-friendly fun for every kid around. If you are feeling especially creative, you can even build your own eco-creature! First decide whether your creation lives in water or roams around on land. Then figure out what kind of diet you want it to have. You will then choose body parts for your animal. Finally, find it a new home on the map and see how everything turns out! Have fun!
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Fat Facts

SatMany foods are certainly tasty, but are they healthy and nutritious? Find out more at The Bad Fats Brothers, www.badfatsbrothers.com/
. Meet Sat and Trans, but don't let them break your heart as you mouse around to discover all the tasty artery cloggers they love. Did you know Sat loves T-bone steaks and ice cream sundaes, while Trans enjoys his food deep-fried? Your new knowledge of fats and their health repercussions will have you feeling different about your favorite drive-through in no time!

A Battle Royal

knightTest your skills against King Henry's knights in Henry VIII: Dressed to Kill, http://henryviiidressedtokill.viral-
. Before you meet Henry head-on, you must prove your battle smarts and warrior skills as you tear through his noble servants. Closely survey the stats and strengths of your opponents’ before you customize your own fighter. Check your power and armor for weaknesses and do your best to exploit your opponents faults when you fight. Remember, the lighter the armor the faster the knight! Good luck getting to Henry!
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What is the best thing about going back to school?

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Dear Amy: What are some cool Web sites just for girls? — Corinne, Bayville, N.J.

Dear Corinne: There are lots of cool sites made specifically for girls! At SmartGirl, www.smartgirl.org, there's plenty to do and share. You can read and submit poems, check out reviews on everything from beauty products to Web sites, or even learn how to design a Web page. Are you a sporty girl? GoGirlWorld at www.gogirlworld.org has tons of sports tips and fun stuff including quizzes and message boards. Need some expert advice? Check out www.girlshealth.gov for the scoop on topics such as nutrition, relationships and your emotions.

Dear Amy: How do I get help for a Web site I am working on? — Jon, Palm Springs, Calif.

Dear Jon: When I need help with Web building, I try to find a tutorial on the subject I need help with. You can find tutorials on a variety of Web development topics at www.w3schools.com/Site/default.asp and www.webmonkey.com/tutorial. If you have a specific question that isn’t answered in a tutorial, a good option is to ask your question on a Web development forum. Many online help forums require users to register, so be sure to ask a parent for help.


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