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How much does the human brain weigh?
1.3 kg
1.9 kg
2.5 kg

What percentage of your body is made of water?

Who painted “Napoleon I in Coronation Robes”?
Thomas Barker
Angelica Kauffman
Anne-Louis Girodet

What's in Your Head?

neuronIf you want to get an inside look at the gray matter that makes all the big decisions in your life, Planet Science's An Introduction to the Human Brain, http://archive
, is the perfect spot for inquiring minds. Discover what happens when your brain sustains damage in the Strange Story of Phineas Gage. Then see how you process new info in How the Brain Learns. With so many games to play and fun facts to learn in this interactive experience, your brain will get a boost in no time!
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A Web of Physics

hands pointing to galaxyUncover the mysteries behind complex physics ideas when you visit Physics.org, www.physics.org/facts. This site features fun physics filled décor that adorns public transportation. Click on the poster you want to see and discover the science behind the display. For example, you might find out how lightning can toast 100,000 slices of bread or see how frogs levitate in a magnetic field. Each poster has question-and-answer sections that explain why these phenomena work the way they do, so click your way to science superstardom today!

A Picture is Worth…

GartonOrder up a side of fun with your art at Portraits and Portraiture, www.museum
. Try your best to make The Laughing Cavalier really giggle when you click and drag different looks for him from rosier cheeks to a flashy grin. Next, see how much you know about famous faces when you try to guess what the future held for them in What Happened to Me? Before you move on, play the perfect host or hostess in Pauline's Party, where you must seat renowned works of art next to each other for a guaranteed good time.
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Who is your favorite sports star? Why?

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Get a Fresh Start

Student organizations and sports teams are a great way to try something new and even make new friends in the process. If you want to make a difference in your school, consider running for student council or starting a club. Do you want to be a fit kid? Joining a school sports team can help you get in shape while you're having fun. Check out these sites to find the sport that's right for you and learn how to stay healthy on the field.

Team Sports: Beyond the Big Four

Eating for Sports

How to Be a Good Sport

Five Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries


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