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What is the mathematical term for the pyramid?

Where did George Rapp discover two lost cities?

How does the left brain interpret the world?
As language and symbols
As space and shapes
As shapes and symbols

Don't Just Do Math

tangramMathematics is much more than just a series of functions and equations at the MathSite, http://mathsite
. Here, you can see, hear and do math! As the graphics flash across your computer, you will see different math ideas in action. The Math Site's exhibits are meant to show you exactly how this amazing subject works, from breaking down a triangle to more complicated sorting exercises. Be sure to try your hand at the Stable Marriage Problem to see if you can match face cards on your way to success and become a new math guru.
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A Discovery in Archaeology

Indiana JonesFind out what archaeology is all about at Archaeology: From Reel to Real, www.nsf.gov/news/special_
. This site is ready to debunk the myths surrounding this science and show you just what it takes to succeed in this field. Click on Introduction to find out how fiction, such as the Indiana Jones movies, parallels the lives of real archaeologists and learn where the similarities end. Next, check out Finding Lost Cities to meet real archaeologists and see their amazing discoveries of buried cities around the world.

Get Ready, Gumshoe

Police officerCalling all young detectives! The Art of Crime Detection,
, is ready to show you just how the two sides of your brain come together to address different crime-fighting techniques. Police sketch artists play an important role in solving crimes with their “visual vocabulary,” or art. Once you understand how the two parts of your brain work, you can try your hand, or brain, at sketching too. Remember to think about shapes and spaces as you try to solve crimes. Happy sketching and detecting! (This site is no longer available.)
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Dear Amy: Can you suggest some Web sites where I can learn about Egyptian mummies? — Yokesh, Coimbatore, India

Dear Yokesh: Ancient Egyptians believed in a physical afterlife. In order to prepare for it, bodies were preserved through mummification and buried along with items to help the person reach the afterlife. You can try planning your own Egyptian journey to the afterlife at Eternity Travel, www.mos.org/quest/et. Want to learn all the details about mummification? You Wouldn't Want To Be An Egyptian Mummy, www.salariya.com/web_
, walks you through the procedure. I bet you won't want to be a mummy either!

Dear Amy: I love helping the Earth and recycling. Do you know of any Earth games or recycling games? — Jenna, Davie, Fla.

Dear Jenna: Games can be a fun way to sharpen your eco-knowledge. Learn about energy use, climate change and more at www.glasgowsciencecentre.
. When you're ready to start recycling, go to Wasted! at www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/onlinestuff/games/wasted.aspx. You'll have to move fast to keep your room from overflowing with trash.


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