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What is the “sea planet” called?
Aqua Minor

How was a baby tender used?
As decoration
As child-proofing
As a place to store toys

What color is the chemical splash suit?

Winging It

puffinWelcome to Avian Resurrection, www.rspb.org.
, where flying creatures take center stage as you move them into new territories. Your mission is to create new species of birds to live on different planets. Closely survey the variety of worlds you can choose. Their special characteristics will dictate what kinds of birds will be able to survive and thrive in these new environments. Once you have decided on their new homes, you will build two types of birds and set them free to see if they’ll make it. Good luck with your flying friends, you ingenious creator!
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A Time to Learn

house postcardMake American history your own at Memorial Hall Museum Online's American Centuries…View From New England, www.memorialhall.
. There are many fun options for you to explore, such as taking a look at what you would have worn if you had lived long ago. If you are crazy for fun-filled toys, see what your predecessors played with, and then check out the schoolbooks they used. From becoming a history detective and gathering clues about past lives to training your eyes to read some intricate handwriting, this site will help you understand the past.

Safety First in Science

girl in safety gearGet Clobbered, The Scientist Safety Game at http://archive.planet-science.com/outthere/index.html?
, invites all kid science lovers to test their safety smarts. First decide which character you want to work with. You will then be given a safety scenario and you’ll have to dress your character in appropriate gear. Working with explosions? Make sure to break out some safety goggles. Carefully pick out the right number of items so your little scientist stays safe no matter what the experiment. If you need help, look for clues at the bottom of the screen.
Speak Out

If you could beany bird, which would you choose and why?

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Fuel for the Day

Parents and teachers always tell us that breakfast is important, but have you ever wondered why? A healthy breakfast can help you learn in school and keep you energized until lunch. If you skip breakfast, you can end up feeling tired and low on energy all morning. I like to start my day with food that's tasty and easy to make such as a smoothie or peanut butter on toast. To learn more about the importance of breakfast and get some meal ideas, check out these delicious sites.

Kids’ Health: Breakfast

Ready, Set, Breakfast!

Nutrition and Healthy Eating


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