Week of August 9, 2009

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What is daylight saving time called in many places?
Summer Time
Daylight Hours
Spring Hours

Where is the painting “Parc Monceau” located?
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Seattle Art Museum
Frye Art Museum

Who had the idea for the Mayflower II?
John Lowe
Warwick Charlton
Felix Fenston

Tinkering with Time

alarm clockSpring forward or Fall back? Daylight Saving Time, www.webexhibits.org/
, wants to help you understand why we turn back or fast-forward our watches. Essentially, people over the years have figured out that if we change time, we can have longer days with more sunlight. Click on Incidents and Anecdotes to discover some neat trivia associated with the time change. Opposition and Obstacles can explain some of the controversies, such as why farmers dislike DST. Regardless, enjoy time while you have it!
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Making an Impression

Childe HassamChilde Hassam: An American Impressionist, www.metmuseum.
, will introduce you to an artist you may not know much about. Meet the Artist and click on a question mark to find out something interesting about Hassam, such as how to pronounce his name or which of his paintings was acquired by the Met. Find a new way to look at art when you feast your eyes on Celia Thaxter's Garden, or let your senses stroll through Winter in Union Square. Before you go, enter Activities and take an online tour celebrating Hassam's work.

Ready to Set Sail?

The MayflowerIf you have ever wondered about the perilous journey the Pilgrims made across the Atlantic to embrace a new world of promise, Plimoth Plantation's The Journey of the Mayflower II, www.plimoth.org/
, is for you. Revisit the past and pay homage to the men and women who re-created the original Mayflower in 1957 to experience the Pilgrims’ journey firsthand. Mouse around on the map and click on different dates and locations to read the captain’s log. This is one trip surely worth celebrating!
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Dear Amy: How do I make my own blog? — Ojasvi, Singapore

Dear Ojasvi: The easiest way to start a blog is to sign up for a blog service. Not all blog services are free, but there are lots of free ones to choose from such as Blogger at www.blogger.com, or WordPress at http://wordpress.com. You'll need to be 13 or older to sign up for these services, but if you're younger, you can have a parent sign up for a blog to share with you.

Before you sign up, decide what kind of blog you want to write. You can write about anything you want, but having a topic for your blog such as recipes, pets or a hobby can draw in readers. You can also use your blog as an online journal. Just remember to leave out any personally identifiable information such as your full name or phone number. For more safe blogging tips, visit www.blogsafety.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1200000037.

Once you get your blog, choose a layout and start writing. Try to write often and keep your blog up-to-date. Writing regularly can take some effort, but you’ll get used to it. Finally, invite your friends and family to check out your new creation!


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