Week of July 19, 2009

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What are Raster Maps made of?
Contour lines
Colored lines
Colored dots

What is the world's largest rodent?
The kangaroo rat
The prairie dog
The cabybara

Where did Andy's parents live before they moved to Pittsburgh?

A Place in the World

girl holding mapWelcome to MapZone, http://mapzone.
, where you will explore the importance of geographic information systems (GIS) in today’s world. In GIS ZONE, you’ll get an up-close look at how maps have gone digital and learn why that affects our everyday lives from predicting the weather to fighting crime. Over in Games you can flex your vocab skills or put your problem-solving abilities to the test with more than a dozen puzzles and challenges. Still feelin’ it? Then finish up at Did You Know? for a final quiz of your geographic smarts.
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Life in Balance

butterflyScholastic Explorers wants to educate you on the endangered ecosystems that exist on Earth at http://teacher.scholastic.
. With the help of researchers, here you’ll discover the many important roles that animals, both big and small, play in keeping our world happy and healthy. The humble caterpillar, predatory wildcat and the busy Brazilian beaver are ready to provide you with clues that reflect the changes in their habitats. By watching these animals closely, you can help make good choices that might just save our beautiful planet.

Enter Warhol's World

Andy WarholUncover all the ins and outs of Andy Warhol's life at Warhol's World, www.qag.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/
. Press start and begin to work your way through the four time capsules that will usher you through Warhol's life. See how things like his camera inspired his work and learn how old he was when he turned his first profit. Pay close attention to the narrator, who will guide you through specific periods and decisions that shaped the course of both this famous artist’s early life and his later career.
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Do you have a favorite candy?
What kind?

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Take Me Away!

When it gets really hot outside, all I want to do is lounge around the house. On these days, I'll crack open a book and escape to someplace fun and adventurous. Books feed your imagination and can take you cool places, such as onboard a pirate ship or deep into outer space. Need help choosing a destination? These sites are filled with tons of reviews to help you start your journey!


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