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Which party did Lincoln help create?

When was John Collier Jr. born?

What does EVA stand for?
External Vehicle Apparatus
Extravehicular Activity
Electrical Velocity Activity

A Presidential Puzzle

Abraham LincolnEven though he is one of our most famous presidents, many aspects of Abraham Lincoln's life remain a mystery to be discovered at One Life: The Mask of Lincoln at www.npg.si.edu/exhibit/lincoln. Each section of this site features inside information on Lincoln's rise to the presidency while highlighting his public persona with famous artworks featuring this president. You can also view the powerful people who shared the political spotlight with him in Lincoln's Contemporaries, where art and politics come together for an enlightening experience.
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Behind the Picture

film stripUncover the details behind noted photographs taken by John Collier Jr. at The American Image, http://americanimage.unm.edu. Technology has greatly changed the way we view photography today. Visit The Shooting Script to read through Collier's detailed instructions, and compare and contrast his photos with recent images. While appreciating photos can seem like a simple pleasure, the Active Looking Activity will help you discern messages in the pictures. If you are inspired, make your own short film to share with friends and family.

Appropriate Attire

astronaut spacewalkBefore you choose an out-of-this-world outfit for an outer space adventure, check in with NASA's Interactive Space Suit Experience at www.nasa.gov/audience/
. About Spacesuits will show you what you need to know about how spacesuits work and why they are vital to an astronaut's survival and success. Once you understand why the garb is important, move on to Clickable Spacesuit. Click on the highlighted suit sections to get the 411 on how they work, and become an expert on these white fashion wonders!
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Do you have a favorite president?
If so, who?

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The Future is Green

When my family watches the news, it seems like there is always a story about a new green technology. Scientists around the world are working hard to find energy sources that won't harm the environment and will power cars, homes and businesses. Some of the ideas I've heard sound really weird, such as making fuel from algae or woodchips. But hopefully these future fuels can make the world a better place. If you want to find out more about new green technologies, get the latest at www.greentechnolog.com or www.scientific

Unfortunately, a lot of green technologies are still being developed and are not ready for widespread use. Until then, there are a lot of things you can do today to help. Visit Do The Green Thing, www.dothegreenthing.com, to see a list of seven things you can do to be greener. You can also read what others are doing to be green and even add your own green ideas. If you want to sign up, be sure to ask a parent for permission first. Have fun!


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