Week of June 21, 2009

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What percentage of dog owners admit to talking to their pets?

What does “kia ora” mean?
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What was Gott's money spinning idea?
Invest in cotton instead of wool
Create a factory so he could see all stages of wool production
Buy llamas because they produce extra soft wool

Man's Best Friends

dogDiscover the difference a dog's love can make in your life when you visit Still Life With Animated Dogs, www.pbs.org/independent
. Meet Paul Fierlinger, an animator, and get to know the canines that helped him through many dark times in The Story. Then take a good look into Paul's dog animations and see just how he made his creations so special when you browse the process in Wag the Dog. Whether you are searching for information on art and animation or if you want to hear some special stories about barking buds, this site will satisfy your curiosity.
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Under the Sea

dolphinWade into the waves and experience the aquatic realm at Scholastic Explorers: Ocean Life, http://teacher.
. Your mission is to join forces with Earth watch teams to determine how humans are affecting the lives of leatherback turtles and dusky dolphins. The baby turtles need protection so that they can hatch and grow strong, some as big as 6 feet long and 4 feet wide! And dolphins are profoundly affected by tourism in their areas. From puppet shows to documenting behaviors, join forces to aid in conservation.

Made of Money

Benjamin GottLearn what it takes to become a super-successful entrepreneur at Be a Victorian Millionaire Now! at www.mylearning.org/intermediate-
This interactive exercise featuring Benjamin Gott will help you figure out which risks to take and what moves to steer clear of if you want to increase your bank account. Think you’re ready? You will have to decide how to invest, spot future trends and more. Will you follow conventional wisdom or try your luck to make big bucks? See if you have the skills to win the game and apply these lessons in your life.
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What is your favorite breed of dog?

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A Fun and Fit Summer

Dust off your bike and air up those tires! Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors and get some exercise at the same time. I like to ride my bike around the neighborhood with friends or take a nature hike with my family. Another fun way to enjoy summer is to play on a sports team such as soccer or baseball. Get more summer fitness ideas and learn how to stay safe while exercising with these cool sites.

It's Time to Play

The President's Challenge Fitness

Your Safety at BAM! Body and Mind

The Top Ten Fun Summer Fitness Activities


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