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When did Americans find out plastic was recyclable?

When was Picasso's hidden work uncovered?

What does ATLAS stand for?
Atmospheric Library for Applications and Science
Astronaut's Time Lapse Aboard Spaceship
Aerospace Time Lab and Shuttle

Looking Ahead

fortune tellerTravel back to The Future at http://pbskids.org/wayback/
and discover predictions made years ago and get a look at amazing inventions yet to come. Plastic, a big hit in the 1950s has certainly changed life as we know it. From your toys to your parents' food storage containers, we rely on this durable material every day. If you think you know super stuff that the future will bring, visit Crystal Ball and share your predictions. Then see what other kids think is around the corner. No doubt, there are great things to come.
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Undercover Art

secret Picasso paintingA mystery may not be the first thing you think of while looking at artwork, but the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has a doozie at
/interactive_features/a _
. Here you’ll reveal a hidden image that was discovered under Pablo Picasso’s “Street Scene” painting. Launch the site to explore the invisible piece and to learn more about the artist and the influence of Paris on his creativity. And also find out how this secret was uncovered through the use of X-rays.

Outta Sight!

space shuttle launchVisit Launch It! at www.nasa.gov/
to strap yourself in for an out-of-this world ride. A video gallery of high-flying spacecraft await you in Choose Your Ride, where you will have a tough decision to make. Are you looking for power? If so, traveling on the Titan II is for you. But if you want to reach the moon, maybe you should consider the Saturn V. No matter which spaceship you pick, you are guaranteed a surefire adventure. Once you gear up and choose your crew, you are on your way. Don’t look down. Three … two … one … Blast off!
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Dear Amy: Is there any way to protect my computer from viruses that can wipe out a hard drive? Where did these viruses originate, and is there a way to retrieve your documents if you get the virus? — Stephen, Juneau, Alaska

Dear Stephen: Viruses that can erase hard drives have been around since early in 2000. Like any other virus, the best way to protect your computer is to use anti-virus software and practice safe surfing habits. Viruses can spread through e-mail, so only open e-mails from people you know. If you want to download files online, check with a parent to make sure they are from a safe source. Most anti-virus software will scan downloaded files before you can open them, which can help keep computer users safe. You can download free anti-virus software at http://free.avg.com and http://antivirus.comodo.com.

If your hard drive is erased, your files will be gone for good unless you keep backup copies in another location. Possible ways to back up important files are by keeping copies on a USB drive, using an online file storage service, or by burning them onto a data DVD or CD. Stay safe!


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