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In which period did the Age of Mammals begin?
Permian period
Quaternary period
Tertiary period

What was Frida's husband's name?
Diego Rivera
Jorge Espinoza
Carlos Gomez

What is the scientific name for snow leopards?
Panthera pardus
Neofelis nebulosa
Uncia uncia

A New View

prehistoric sea creatureCatch a glimpse of how Earth has changed over many years when you visit Tour Through Time, http://
archive.fieldmuseum.org/ evolvingplanet/POST/EP_V8_ content.html
. This cool site has interactive murals and photo galleries ready to show you the different plants and animals that once graced our planet with their presence. Choose a colored box on the timeline, such as the Mesozoic era or the Cambrian period, and get a good look at life on Earth during those years. Each section encourages hands-on exploration, so click your way through time and enjoy every minute.
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As Fabulous as Frida

mural image of FridaMeet Frida Kahlo, a renowned Mexican artist, at www.sfmoma.org/
. While her fantastical art pieces certainly gained her quite a bit of recognition among her peers and critics, her personality and private life garnered just as much attention. Launch this interactive video full of insightful commentary about the world she lived in and the famous works she produced. The site features famous artists and historians who discuss Kahlo’s influence, so this is a unique resource not to be missed.

Spotting Snow Leopards

snow leopardLet your snow leopard knowledge stand out when you discover all there is to know about these magical creatures at Snow Leopards for Kids, www.snowleopardconservancy.org/
. This big cat's majestic beauty is featured in Snow Leopard Photos, where you can play slideshows of these white wonders out in the wild or housed in zoos. Once you are done watching videos and catching up on all the snow leopard trivia, have some fun with a couple of searches and puzzles that celebrate this amazing animal.
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What is your favorite animal at the zoo? Why?

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Fresh and Delicious

Like most kids, I love getting time off from school during the summer. My other favorite part of summer is enjoying all the great fruits and veggies that are in season. I especially enjoy making salsa using tomatoes and peppers from the garden. Growing food is hard work, but it can be really fun too! For great gardening tips, visit www.earthskids.com/how_to_grow_your_own_
and http://earthfirst.com/urban-gardening-you-can-grow-food-no-

If your family doesn't grow food, the next best thing is to buy from a local farmer's market. There are a lot of benefits to buying locally grown food. When you shop at a farmer's market, you can talk to the people who grew your food and thank them personally for their hard work. Locally grown food is also fresher than anything you can find in a supermarket, because it didn't have to travel very far. Many foods we eat travel halfway around the world before making it to our plates. If you want to look for local food in your area, visit www.localharvest.org.


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