Week of May 17, 2009

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How do people change the Earth's climate?
By using too much water
Through radioactive waste
Through greenhouse gases

What powers
the car in the “Roving Project”?
A rubber band

In what state was Bearden born?
New York
North Carolina

Watching the Weather

global warmingGet in touch with the outdoors at EPA's Climate Change Kids Site, http://epa.gov/climate
. Click on Climate and Weather to discover the difference between the two and to see how you would describe the climate where you live. Over time the Earth’s climate has changed a lot. For example, did you know that 15,000 years ago most of our planet was still covered in ice? Be aware of your effect on our planet and find out what you can do to curb your greenhouse gas production. Mother Nature will thank you.
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Design on Your Mind

fidgitDesign, build and create at PBS Kids' Design Squad, http://
. From conception to completion, this cool site is gonna light a creative fire in you for sure. Click on DESIGNit, BUILDit, FIDGit for fun games and challenges that will have you busting your brain. If you have some radical ideas of your own, send them to Nate at Your Projects, and if you are lucky, your hard work will be featured online! Before you move on, check out the winner of the Trash and Treasure Competition and read what the “home dome” has to offer.

A City of Inspiration

collageJoin Romare Bearden at Let's Walk to Block, www.metmuseum.org/explore/
to explore all about this Modern artist's love affair with New York. As different works of art and personal photos present themselves, you will uncover Bearden's fascinating love of life and color. If you want to know more about the man behind the art, click on Romare Bearden to learn about how his childhood and what inspired his art. If your eyes have had their fill, move to Look and Listen for jazz tunes that will be music to your ears.
Speak Out

What is your favorite snack on
camping trips?

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Everyday Physics

Physics has always been one of my favorite things to learn about in school. You use physics every day, whether you know it or not! Walking, sitting, riding a bike and making a cup of tea all require physics. Take a look around and explore the physics of everyday life with these dynamic sites. Before you know it, you'll be seeing physics everywhere.

Physics Life

Amusement Park Physics

Sport Science

The Physics of Cooking

Building Big

(The fourth site is no longer available.)


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