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What are equations also known as?
Math words
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Where did the Romans keep their tasty treats?
Fort headquarters
Soldiers' barracks
Food stores

What is another name for the chrysalis?

Mucho Math

stack of moneyCrunch some numbers at MathSlice, www.mathslice.
. Whether you are looking to hone your math skills or if you are just searching for a brain- busting good time, this site will challenge and entertain young minds. Try your luck and discover how the odds are or are not stacked in your favor at Smart Guess. Maybe you want to play an old favorite, Hide and Seek, and then snoop around to find Timon in less than three moves. Before you head out, test your memory skills with Flash Memory, and be sure not to forget all these cool games!
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One Brick at a Time

Roman fortKeep your Roman army safe when you build your own Roman fortress at the National Museum of Scotland's Where does a Roman army live?, www.
. Begin by clicking and dragging different structures onto the grass, from perfectly straight roads to tall gates that could be welcoming or foreboding. Each item comes with an explanation of its role. For example, did you know that the fort's headquarters housed money to pay the soldiers for their services? And always maneuver carefully, so your fort stays strong.

Spread Your Wings

butterflyUncover the mysteries surrounding moths and butterflies at The Children's Butterfly Site, www.kidsbutterfly.org. If the many marvelous butterfly colors appeal to your sense of sight, print off coloring pages and design your own beautiful butterfly as you take a journey through this bug's metamorphosis. Photograph Galleries provide curious minds with lots of great photos of butterflies, which you can search by family or geographic region. Don’t forget to look for butterflies that live near you, and then see if you can find them in your backyard!
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Dear Amy: Why are there two sets of number buttons on the keyboard? — Mikayla, Duluth, Minn.

Dear Mikayla: The number keys along the top of the keyboard are used in everyday typing. If you ever take a typing class, you'll learn to use certain fingers to type each number along the row. The other set of number keys is called the numeric keypad, and it is located on the far right side of your keyboard. It has the same layout as an adding machine, so it's easy to type numbers and equations quickly. If you want to learn more about the keyboard, visit www.jegsworks.com/lessons/lesson3/lesson3-2.htm.

Dear Amy: Where is a good dog site? — Amanda, Eden Prairie, Minn.

Dear Amanda: There are tons of great sites for canine lovers! Read about Extraordinary Dogs at www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/extraordinary-
. A great place to learn about caring for your canine companion is How to Love Your Dog, www.loveyourdog.com. You can find even more dog sites at Coolspots, www.4kids.org/coolspots. Click on Creature Features, then click on Dogs. Have fun!


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