Week of April 26, 2009

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What was Jacques Guillon's profession before he became a designer?

Can lightning occur in a snowstorm?
Yes, often
Yes, but rarely

What is faience?
A type of fiber used in cloth
A clay-like material
A flat bread

Primed for Design

retro chairExplore the world of design and how it paints our surroundings at Design Traveller, www.design
. If you want to learn more about powerful elements of design, step inside and Play the Game and listen carefully for your doorbell. Once you open your package, you will play one part respected design lover and one part detective as you work to properly honor the memory of The Clipper. Next, take a virtual tour of the gallery where you can choose a decade and see the many special works that came out of it. Now you can see the world with design eyes.
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A Scientific Voice

constellationEarth Sky Kids, www.earthsky.org/
, invites you to explore the beauty and brilliance of our planet. Science News will keep you up-to-date on all the cool discoveries scientists are making. Now click on a science question, such as "Do any animals besides humans laugh?" or "Why are stars different colors?" and impress your friends with new knowledge. If you are looking for something interactive, check out the many podcasts offered. From green building on the cheap to research on climate change, you will find tons of news you can use.

Customer Service

Egyptian figureOK, big boss! You are in charge of the temple stores in ancient Egypt. Do you think you can serve all your customers to their liking? Let's find out at the National Museums of Scotland’s Temple Stores Game, www.nms.ac.uk/egyptians_stores.
. With lines out the door, you must quickly pass material orders onto your craftsmen, who will create the items your customers have requested. From jewelry to home furnishings, their orders are sure to keep you busy. Remember, you must move quickly and be sure to collect the proper tools, so that your patrons will leave satisfied. You’ll need fast fingers and quick thinking! Good luck!
Speak Out

What is your least favorite weather condition?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Can you tell me about the satellite system orbiting the Earth? Is there a way to access it on the Internet and see your house or school? — Maxi, Juneau, Alaska

Dear Maxi: According to NASA, there are over 8,000 artificial objects orbiting Earth! Over 2,500 of these objects are satellites. The other objects are orbital debris such as old spacecraft parts. Satellites are a part of our everyday lives. They're used for all kinds of different things such as monitoring the weather and providing satellite TV and radio. One cool technology that uses satellites is The Global Positioning System, or GPS. You can find out how it works at http://videos.howstuffworks.com/howstuffworks

Want to find out where different satellites are right now? NASA's Satellite Tracking page, http://science.nasa.gov/realtime, has applications that let you watch satellites in orbit, track the position of the International Space Station and more.

To look at satellite pictures of Earth, try using Google Earth. Download the latest version for free at http://earth.google.com. There's tons to explore, so have fun!


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