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What shape are honeycombs?

How big can a giant squid grow?
Up to 20 ft
Up to 40 ft
Up to 60 ft

What holds the ends of your bones together?

A Prize for Your Eyes

periodic structures in architectureSee if you can find the patterns at Fun with Periodic Structures, www.mathamanda.com/games/
. Both man-made objects and those created by Mother Nature show periodic structures. Attempt to recreate these patterns as you click and drag puzzle pieces to get the whole picture. Did you know flies see in multiples that look a lot like periodic structures? Before you move on, click on Learn More to find out how honeycombs, diamonds and some architectural structures use patterns to create meaningful beauty.
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Underground Treasures

jewelBreak out your shovel and uncover what lies beneath the surface in The Smithsonian Institution’s Digging for Answers, www.smithsonianeducation.
. Get a good look at the treasures hidden under the earth and choose one you want to learn more about. Click on the Statue of Liberty and explore some of girl power’s biggest names. If you are in the mood for food, pick the pig and see what tasty tidbits await. Regardless of what you unearth, this site is sure to have you digging through other Web sites to reveal the answers you seek.

The Doctor Is In

human bodyYou have been paged to participate in an important surgical procedure at Center of the Cell: Organ Surgery, www.centreofthecell.org/interactives/
. Your assistance is needed to take care of a patient in need. His surgeon needs your help to put the patient's organs back in the correct place. Just like in real life, you must beat the clock to keep your patient alive during this critical operation, so try to work quickly without making any mistakes. Keep your focus as you move through the different bodily functions to help the man at your medical mercy. Good luck, Doctor!
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Get to Know Your Planet

It's almost time for Earth Day. On April 22, you'll probably hear news stories about recycling and helping the planet, or maybe you'll talk about it in school. This year I'm going to do something a little bit different to celebrate. Let's take some time to learn about the Earth. Find out what gases are in our atmosphere or how diamonds are made. There's a lot to learn about our home planet!

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The Dynamic Earth

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NASA Earth Observatory

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