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When was Aminah born?

What does “NIMBY” stand for?
No island makes bananas yearlong
No idea. Maybe yes.
Not in my back yard

What color
shirts do the employees from the science center wear?

A Whole New World

artworkVenture into Aminah's World, http://aminahsworld.org, to see art patched together from everyday objects with amazing creativity. Click on Meet and get to know Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson as you discover how her life’s events have influenced her art. Browse through Aminah’s timeline at the top of the page to see how her parents inspired her work. Then visit Understand to learn cool, original vocabulary, such as “hogmawg,” she learned from her mom and dad and later applied to her own craft. Lastly, view her pieces in See.
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Your Internet Safety Vest

Web safety shieldStay afloat when you surf online with great tips and tricks from Safe Surfer, http://safesurfer.org. If you want to sound off with postings and blogs, be sure to check out Forum, join the conversation and be heard. The Buzz is full of great news tidbits, from general news to information about science, health and games, so no matter your interests you can find something useful. Before you leave, find your online voice at Lingo, where you will learn all the hip IM texting slang, so you can wow your friends and family.

A Serious Science Sleuth

detectiveYour sleuthing skills are needed at GSI: Glasgow Science Investigation, www.glasgow
. Birdbot is missing! You must gather clues and use forensic science to bring him home safely. After you have surveyed the last place Birdbot was seen, you will have to eliminate suspects from a lineup. Next, visit the crime scene and collect evidence to analyze in the lab. Use your newfound information to reveal which of the suspects did the dirty deed! Congrats on solving the crime, gumshoe.
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Dear Amy: How can you make French homework fun? — Rebecca, Truro, Hawaii

Dear Rebecca: French homework gets easier and more fun when you feel comfortable with the material. One of my favorite ways to practice my French skills is by watching movies in French with English subtitles. A lot of DVDs have language options, which often includes French. First, try to understand the movie in French, and if you get lost, look at the subtitles. Another fun way to practice French is using the Web. Try the games at http://fslactivities.ca/kidsplayground or learn new vocabulary at www.laits.utexas.edu/fi.

Dear Amy: Are there any educational games for 4-year-olds? — Andress, Peoria, Ariz.

Dear Andress: There are lots of games online for kids who are preschool age or even younger. Want to learn about letters, words and writing? Try the Literacy Center, www.literacycenter.net/lessonview_en.htm. If you want to do something fun and creative like building monsters or decorating cakes, visit Julia's Rainbow Corner, www.juliasrainbowcorner.com/html/
. Finally, be sure to check out the games at http://funschool.kaboose.com/preschool/games. Have fun!


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