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Who organized the jousts?

What is air resistance?
A force that speeds up an object in the air
Gravitational force that acts on an object in the air
A form of friction

Who made the locks for Buckingham Palace in the 1790's?

Trouncing the Tudors

knightWelcome young warriors to The Tudors-Joust, www.tudorbritain.org/
, where your bravery and skills will be put to the test. Carefully choose your shield, meet your horse and then discover who your opponent will be. Once you are dressed and ready to square off, decide where you want to strike your opponent. Try not to bite your nails as you nervously watch your warrior do battle. Once the winner is announced, you will discover what you did right and what you might want to try on your next attempt!
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Fun Facts About Fairs

roller coasterForces at the Funfair, www.glasgowsciencecentre.
, will help you realize all the amazing science behind your favorite fair attractions. Hector the Health Manager is looking out for kids, and ensuring their fun and safety on rides is his No. 1 concern. But, Hector is out for the day, so you must step in to help fill his shoes. Pay close attention to Hector's directions and enlist help from Emily the Engineer. When everyone works together to understand the science behind fair fun, we all win and we all stay safe. Good work!

The Western World’s Workshop of Wonder

old-fashioned clockDiscover the importance of England’s West Midlands and their contributions to society at Workshop of the World, www.workshopoftheworld.co.uk. Many different inventions, extremely important in their own right, will pop up in bubbles. Click on one, like the sewing machine, that you want to learn more about. You will be presented with cool factual tidbits about the history and development of your choice. You can also see how these ideas and innovations influenced future inventions. From cheese grinders to cars, this site can teach us all a thing or two!
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Something to Celebrate

Have you ever tried searching for lists of holidays online? If so, you might have seen some pretty weird ones. We all know about April Fools' Day, but did you know that April 15 is Rubber Eraser Day? Some of these holidays are more fun to celebrate than others. For a list of bizarre April holidays, go to http://library.thinkquest.org/2886/apr.htm.

Sometimes holidays last a week or a month, and they were designed to bring awareness to a cause. The weeklong holiday I plan to celebrate is National Library Week, which will be observed April 12-18. Show your appreciation for your local library by checking out some cool books, and be sure to thank your librarian. You can also become a volunteer at your library to show that you care. To find out more about National Library Week, visit www.ala.org/ala/

If you can't make it to your local library, take a virtual trip to the Internet Public Library, www.ipl.org/div/kidspace. Books are definitely worth celebrating!

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