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What does “SOHO” stand for?
Solar Helio-spheric Observatory
Sight Helio-isomer Object
See Out High Observatories

What was the Leviathan?
ocean liner

What is Howlin'
Wolf's real name?
Chris Anderson Big
Bob George Turner
Chester Arthur Burnett

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Join the Exploratorium team as they discover excellent eclipses all over the world at Solar Eclipse: Stories From the Path of Totality, www.exploratorium.edu/
. Check out past eclipses in places like Zambia and see where cool eclipses will be occurring in the future. Different cultures have different ideas of why eclipses happen. Reading the tales of the Sun-Eating Dragon might give you a new perspective on this scientific phenomenon. Learn more about what happens during an eclipse in Resources, full of fun facts and stories.
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Movin' Right Along

See how transportation shaped the nation at America on the Move, www.americanhistory.si.edu
. Travel cross-country and discover communities that were especially affected by changes made in how we get around, such as the introduction of streetcars in Washington, D.C. Visit the museum’s Collection and search out historical transportation photos and artifacts from many eras throughout the world. If you have special
interests in travel, take a tour through Themes to find topics just for you.

Singing the Blues

Get down in Mississippi, a birthplace of the blues, and follow the Mississippi Blues Trail, www.msbluestrail.org/blues_marker
. Mouse around on the Mississippi map to explore this musical region. Click on the Delta and you will be transported to the largest concentration of blues sites in the state. In the River-Capital region, celebrate the blues at famous spots such as Club Desire and the Willie Dixon. Visit Gulfport in the Coast region and hear the sweet sounds of the American Blues Network. Now just convince your folks to take you on a happenin’ road trip!
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Dear Amy: Is there anything like “self-destructing” e-mails? Also, is it possible to recall a wrongly send e-mail? — Iyengar, Clarendon, Jamaica

Dear Iyengar: Self-destructing messages aren't just for secret agents in movies. Over the past few years, self-destructing e-mails have been gaining popularity. Many companies offer free basic services, while self-destructing e-mails with more features often require a subscription or service fee. These same companies often offer recallable e-mails, as well.

Most self-destructing e-mails work in the same way. Users send self-destructing e-mails through the service provider's Web site. The e-mail provider sends the recipient a link to a Web page with the sender’s message. After the link as been visited once, it will be removed so that no one else will ever see it. It's a cool idea that can be useful, too. If someone needs to send somebody a password, then only the intended recipient can see the password. For more information about self-destructing e-mails, visit http://videos.howstuffworks.com/reuters/1082-self-destructing-
. (This video is no longer available.)


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