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What is a mirror-image molecule called?

When did the Romans invade Britain?
43 A.D.
66 A.D.
73 A.D.

What kind of animal is Douglas Holes?

Mirror-Image Molecules

Take a good look at some super-small, scientific stuff
at Mirror Molecules, www.
. First things first. Did you know that molecules can mirror each other? Take out a mirror and use your own body parts to figure out what a mirror image is, so that you can understand the awesome activities that await. What Do Molecules Look Like? will show you how molecular models work. Then take notice of the big differences between simple molecules and those that are complex, such as your DNA!
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Recognizing the Romans

Turn back time and learn about the powerful Roman civilization in Britain at the Tullie House museum, http://romans.tullie
. Use your mouse to navigate the Interactive Time Line and the Map, where Carlisle, Cumbria, is at your fingertips. Click on the icons for information about historical discoveries and events. Play Snakes and Ladders to test your smarts and uncover fantastic facts about the Romans. Before you move on, watch as the skull of an ancient murder victim is reconstructed before your very own eyes.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Animals and television come
together at The Dog and Cat News,
. Check out their TV show and see some crazy animal antics sure to leave you in stitches. Get up close and personal with the stars of The Dog & Cat News when you meet Doug, Kent, Bill and others. Are you ready for some more laughs? Read through hilarious stories that other kids have shared about their special pets. Then have a little fun with Best Ever Games. When you’re done, go love the furry friend, cat or dog, in your life.
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Tasty Summer Treat

My favorite way to beat the heat is to drink a nice, cold smoothie. Not only are smoothies packed with important vitamins and minerals, they taste great, too! All you need for a smoothie is fresh or frozen fruit, a liquid such as juice or milk, and a blender. For a super-fruity smoothie, I recommend using 100% juice in your smoothie. For a creamier smoothie, you can try using milk, yogurt, tofu, soymilk, almond milk or other types of milk. If you need a little inspiration before making your smoothie, visit one of these recipe sites to get started.

Recipes at KidsHealth

Sumptuous Smoothies and Shakes

Summer Smoothies


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