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What does "base state" weather mean?
current weather conditions
week of weather conditions
month of weather conditions

How many American Indians came to fight in Quebec in 1759?

What is the wooden model that artists use called?
body figure
lay figure
top figure

Batter Up!

Celebrate summer when you learn about the much loved American pastime at A Why Files Grand Salami, http://whyfiles.org/152
. The Science of Baseball brings together sports, math and science to help you understand how the atmosphere influences the game. Click on Denver's Big Advantage to find out why you might want to schedule your next game in the Rocky Mountain region. Wind up and let your curveball fly with new knowledge of how those red stitches help you launch a wild one. Before you head to your local baseball diamond, check the weather in Rained Out?
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War Declared

Revisit one of the bloodiest wars of all time at 1759: From the Warpath to the Plains of Abraham at http://1759.ccbn-nbc.gc.ca. Discover why French King Louis XV felt war with Britain was inevitable. The British were beginning to feel crowded in their colonies and looked to expand their reign in North America. French subjects, also known as Canadians, were living on the land. Take special notice of the American Indians. See which sides they chose and the battle tactics they employed.

A Body of Art

Get out your pens, pencils or chalk for Figure It Out, a lesson for the artist in you at www.artisancam.org.uk/
. One of the toughest skills that artists must acquire is how to properly replicate the human form. Are you ready to begin? Decide whether you want to draw a body from the front or from the side. There are many different poses to choose from, so you will be able to practice over and over as you try to draw a person from different angles. Pick up the pencil at the bottom of your screen to begin. Once you are finished, print off your work and share with the other art lovers in your life.
Speak Out

What is your favorite food to grill?

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Whirlwind Tour of Australia

G’day, mates! For the last stop on our global tour, we're headed to the “land down under.” Australia is sometimes called the land down under because it lies south of the Equator. There's so much more to see in Australia than kangaroos. It is an exciting place to visit, full of interesting wildlife and culture. See if you can find some cool creatures to learn about on your journey. Maybe you’ll even meet a numbat!

Atlas of Australia

Australia's Culture Portal

Unique Australian Animals

Aboriginal Art and Culture


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