Week of June 1, 2008

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What do canopic jars contain?

How many parts are in a landscape?

What do you need to play The Big Match?
a password
your wits
a disguise

Into the Crypt

Put on your virtual hiking boots because you are on your way to an Egyptian Tomb Adventure at www.nms.ac.uk/education/egyptian. First you must locate Egypt on the map, and then you will have to search for the tomb. Are you there yet? Break out your flashlight and descend. Now that you have entered the darkness, keep your eyes peeled for the stela, which will shed some light on the person buried in the tomb. Next, work your way through hieroglyphics for a firsthand look at the secret burial ground shrouded in mystery. This is one Egyptian adventure you won't forget.
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Add Some Perspective

Learn about the finer points of landscapes at www.schoolsliaison.org.uk/
, where budding artists will find important information on how to incorporate believable landscapes into their art. Check out the horizon line and help your sea meet your sky in a realistic fashion. Look down from up above in Aerial Perspective and discover how layers play a role in your piece. Before you go, complete your own landscape, and then print your work to share with friends and family.

Time Will Tell

If you are ready for a good time full of creative fun and games, visit Exploring 20th Century London at www.museumoflondon.org.uk/
. All Dressed Up lets you pick out era-appropriate costumes for cute characters. Discover objects from years past when you play 20th Century Alien Detectives. But watch out for the booby trap! If you can handle more fun, try The Big Match, a matching game where you must decide which objects go together and how they are linked!
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Whirlwind Tour of North America

This week, as an American kid, I'm going to take the opportunity to look beyond my backyard and explore North America from the Arctic region all the way to Central America. I've found some great resources on everything from North American animals to Native American culture that I'd like to share with you. Have fun!

Atlas of North America

Postcards from Buster

North America - National Zoo

American Indian History and Culture


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