Week of May 25, 2008

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When did Soviet forces occupy Lithuania?
April 15, 1940
May 15, 1940
June 15, 1940

What where sheep used for?
meat & wool

What are scientists making
with algae?

Something to Remember

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, www.ushmm.org/museum/
, offers up a first-class pass to travel through the history of the Holocaust. Click on Journey of Survival to experience the extraordinary stories of 2,100 Jewish refugees. The multimedia presentation tells the tale of the invasion of Poland and how some managed to escape from Nazi and communist forces. Sadly, the Holocaust is not the only occurrence of its kind. Visit Refugees Today to learn about how many are denied simple human rights at home.
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Muckin' Around

Roam around the village of West Mucking, www.pastexplorers.org.uk/
, and learn all about the Anglo-Saxon way of life. Mouse around the page to highlight different areas in the village. See how the villagers built their houses and discover the crowded conditions in their humble homes. Visit the farm fields to dig up info on food the villagers grew and the animals they raised. Then, head over to the river where clothes were washed and fish were caught. After a hard day of work, meals were cooked in clay pots before people turned in for the night.

Science News You Can Use

Celebrate science at Antenna: Science News by the Science Museum at http://antenna.sciencemuseum.org.uk. Sharpen your chompers as you snack on bite-size news headlines and informational blurbs, such as results from the Earth's long-lost twin! Looking for something more substantial? Check out Features where in-depth investigations explain many scientific phenomena. Find out if algae can really save the world, or look into the Big Bang theory and what it means for planet Earth. This site is constantly updated with new news in science, so mark it as a favorite and be sure to visit often!
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What is your favorite spring meal?

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Whirlwind Tour of South America

This week, visiting the Amazon is at the top of my list. It is home to millions of unique species of plants and animals, including some of the most colorful animals on the planet such as poison dart frogs and macaws. Click your way through the Amazon and other regions of South America when you visit these links.

Atlas of South America

Adventures in South America

Amazonia - National Zoological Park

South America Timeline of Art History


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