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When was the Internet born?

Which cake has received the most votes?
nickel candy bar
red velvet

What type of glass is not

I.T. Queens

Ladies, flex your brains at Girls Are I.T., www.girlsareit.org, where females, young and old, can learn to embrace their technical talents. Find out how to use your special communication skills and creativity to help our environment and better the planet. It's About Time will show you how important technology is today, and Tech Timeline details the major moments that have changed the way we live. Next, head to Work It, Girl to discover the many careers available for tech-savvy women. (This site is no longer available.)
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Serving America

Explore American cuisine in Key Ingredients, America by Food at www.keyingredients.
. Travel through 500 Years of American Food and see how Americans grow, prepare and serve foods across the country. Share food and good stories when you search in the American Cookbook Project for tasty appetizers or even vegetarian entrees. Before you set off on a family road trip , check out yummy recommendations at Eating from Coast to Coast so you know where to refuel.

Glass Factory

Get creative with glass at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis www.childrensmuseum.org/themuseum/
. Meet Sarah, a professional glassblower, at the hot shop and find out how glass gets blown into beautiful, artistic forms. Sarah also needs your help in creating an installation for the museum, so take a look at the options she presents and choose carefully. Design a three-dimensional work of art in Create a Sculpture. First choose an armature, or framework, for your art. Then, pick out the color and type of glass you want to use. Looks great!
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Whirlwind Tour of Africa

Africa is rich with tradition and culture, not to mention all the cool creatures who inhabit this continent. It is home to some amazing sights such as the pyramids, the world's longest river, and beautiful rainforests that are home to half the species on the continent. Get ready to learn about the cool people, places and animals that Africa has to offer when you check out these sites.

Atlas of Africa

PBS: Africa for Kids

Explore the Regions: Africa

African Animals

African Folk Tales

(The fourth site is no longer available.)


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