Week of May 4, 2008

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Who discovered the DNA “fingerprinting” technique?
Dr. Alec Jeffries
Dr. Robin Jeffries
Dr. Alan Jeffries

At what university did Ruprecht Jaenicke study?
Drake University
University of Mainz
University of Maine

Who created
“Cocina Jaiteca”?
Paul Terry
Lester Kind
Larry Yanez

Figuring Out Forensics

Discover how science plays a role in solving crimes at the Virtual Exhibit on Forensic Science, www.virtual
. Click through the database to learn about the different components forensic science experts explore and the tests they run when examining a body. Next, see how far forensic science has come over the years when you visit Timeline. Test your own crime-solving skills by playing Interactive Investigator and work a crime scene where you just might solve the case.
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Take a Deep Breath

There is something in the air at http://whyfiles.org/
, but what is it exactly? Do you ever wonder what makes up the air you breathe? It turns out about a quarter of the particles you take in come from living things such as plants and animals. This may sound gross, but from pollen to pet dander, dust in the air helps fertilize the Earth and keeps our planet healthy. So, next time you look at a beautiful red sunset, remember that dust in the air creates those amazing colors.

Behind the Art

Creative and artistic minds come together at Bottlecaps to Brushes, http://americanart.si.edu/
, to celebrate cool and unusual art. Meet Cappy and get to know this awesome, skateboarding giraffe at the Smithsonian, and learn how artists created him from pop tops. Mouse over the bottle caps and see what treasures are hidden underneath. Art can tie together many different elements. In List of Activities you’ll discover hidden information about art. From secret codes and images to the materials used, there is always more to an artist’s story.
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How do you celebrate spring?

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Whirlwind Tour of Asia

Ever since I was a little kid, I've wanted to visit all kinds of cool and interesting places around the world. Travel takes a lot of time and money, but the Internet makes it easy to explore the planet without leaving home. Join me for a whirlwind world tour, starting with Asia and featuring a different continent every week. To help you get started on your journey, I've gathered links to sites all about Asia's culture, art, history, animals and more.

Asia atlas

Asia Society Kids

Art Institute of Chicago-Asia

Asian Animals photo gallery


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