Week of April 27, 2008

Body at Work

Get turned inside out and tune into your body at Casing the Joint, www.rigb.org/contentControl?
. Visit Who's the Fastest to discover just how fast balls are thrown and kicked in different sports. If you wonder about all the crazy shapes you can make, click on Bendy Bodies and look at pictures of contorting humans. Ouch! For some interactive fun, play Joints Explorer where you can use your mouse to test the limits of human flexibility.

Nominate a cool Web site at http://www.4Kids.org/nominations/

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What was Houdini famous for?

great escapes
making candy


Where are the Great Salt Plains?

New Mexico


How many different “sign” options are available?




Rudy Mancke, Jim Welch and Allen Sharpe take you to the far reaches of the U.S. in Nature Scene, www.knowitall.org/
. Start with Destinations to begin your tour. Travel is at your fingertips as you choose a state that interests you. Hop to Hawaii and discover volatile volcanoes, or chill out at the Denali National Park in Alaska. Get beachy in Texas at Padre Island, and then head to Washington to visit the Hoh Rain Forest. North America is on display for all to see, so share this site with friends and teachers.

Creativity City

Take a trip to My Imaginary City at http://kids.tate.org.uk/games/my-imaginary-city, and become the best city planner you can be. Put your imagination to the test when you mold your metropolis. Choose your building space, from icy lands to grassy plains, and begin your project. Add roads, train tracks and bridges to help with transportation, and then add color and flair with signs. Find dwellings that will house your town’s people, from skyscrapers to cottages, in Buildings. Lastly, decide on what types of transportation your town will offer, from the simple car to the hot air balloon.

What is your favorite place to visit in the United States?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How do I attach a picture to an e-mail? — Holly, Foster City, Calif.

Dear Holly: Most e-mail providers offer a way for users to attach pictures and other files to outgoing e-mails. Usually there is a button that says “Add/Delete Attachment” or something similar. When you click on it, it will open up a window to let you browse your hard drive and select which file to attach. After you have selected the file, your e-mail will probably have you click a button that says “Attach” before the file will actually be attached to your e-mail. For a walkthrough of how to attach files using Yahoo! e-mail, visit http://web.mit.edu/braintrust/tet/email/9.html.

There are a few things you should check before uploading and attaching your picture. First, is there any limitation on what kinds of files your e-mail provider lets you attach? The standard accepted picture file types are JPEG, GIF and PNG. Second, is there a size limit on your attachments? It is a good idea to only send optimized or compressed pictures, otherwise you might max out the recipient’s inbox limit. An easy way to optimize your photos for free is to go to www.webresizer.com. This handy Web tool lets you crop, sharpen, resize and more!

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