Week of October 28, 2007

Anne's Attic

Travel back in time to learn about Anne Frank at www.annefrankguide.net/
. Click on Family to learn about where the Franks were from and Anne’s early school days. Secret Annex details the rooms that housed the Franks and others during the German occupation. Discover the diary that Anne kept during her long, lonely days in hiding. When Anne was captured and send to Auschwitz, her diary was left behind. See how this young woman’s journal continues to affect people around the world.

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Where was Anne born?



Who wrote “The Carrot Seed”?

Ruth Krauss
Dr. Seuss
Will Wright


What do vampire bats eat?
Fresh blood



Boys’ Books

Get some top-notch hints for rockin' reads at www.guysread.com. No matter what your age, Guys’ Picks is the place to find favorites. Find a Book lets you search by title, topic or author to find a book that interests you. If you feel up to it, start your own Guys Read club and get your book buddies involved. Print out a poster to inform everyone about your new club, get stickers to mark your faves, then hook up your members with cool bookmarks. Share this site with all the guys in your life!

Knock Knock …

The Open Door Web Site at www.saburchill.com welcomes students and teachers in search of knowledge. The science- minded will love Biology, where a plethora of topic resources and fun quizzes await curious academics. Click on Technology for an exclusive backstage pass to the interesting world of the Internet, or join up with others in an electronics club. Chemistry will clue you in on how to behave in a laboratory, while History is full of biographies and timelines. This site will help fulfill your quest for wisdom no matter your interests.

Who is your role model? Why?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I get a whole bunch of chain mail! Sometimes it says that if you don't send it to however many people that you will die in 30 minutes or something crazy like that! I know it's not true, but I feel guilty if I don't send them! What should I do?Jennifer, El Cerrito, Calif.

Dear Jennifer: The best way to break free from chain mail is to refuse to read or send it. Most of the chain letters that clog our
e-mail inboxes are letters designed to make the receiver feel guilty for not sending them, often threatening bad luck for breaking the chain. Other types of chain e-mails you might receive are virus warnings or hoaxes that promise some kind of reward such as a gift certificate if you send the letter to enough people. Almost all of these letters are hoaxes. If you are ever unsure whether a chain letter is a hoax, you can look it up at Hoaxbusters at www.hoaxbusters.org.

Some e-mail is OK to forward, such as a funny e-mail with jokes or poems. I only pass on an e-mail if it is something really funny or cool. Otherwise, I just delete it. For more information about dealing with e-mail chain letters, visit http://barringer.co.uk/free-tips/

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