Week of September 25, 2005

Lively Livestock

The Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University presents Breeds of Livestock at www.ansi.
. Serving as an informational resource, this site contains alphabetical listings of the breeds of livestock. “Moo”ve over to Cattle and check out Dairy Breeds of North America. Saddle up to Horses and explore their history. For sheer enjoyment, visit Sheep and learn about Merino Varieties. Swing over to Swine for a geographical history and to Goats for ancestry information.

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Modern domestic cattle evolved from which single ancestor?



What is the third largest personal computer software company?



Which animal is not found in the barnyard?



Revolutionary Teckies

Take a look at Silicon Valley's technology pioneers with The Revolutionaries at www.thetech.org/exhibits/
. Meet Bill Hewlett, co-founder of the international powerhouse Hewlett Packard. In 1972, with the creation of Atari and the game Pong, Nolan Bushnell launched the video game revolution. Janese Swanson, founder and CEO of GirlTech, creates toys and products that make technology more interesting for girls. Read interviews and listen to audio clips of these 18 high-tech innovators. Get inspired


For a rootin' tootin' good time, visit Hoot and Toot at www.bananaboo.com. See what makes Hoot and Toot such a dynamic duo in Stunt Buddies, where they star in the videos “Popsicle” and “Monster Soup.” In Puzzles, check out Barn Yard, an interactive puzzle, or complete word searches and practice puzzles. For more fruity tooty fun, go to Coloring, where pages are available to print and color offline. Find out why the student ate his homework in Jokes. Before you peel yourself away from this site, be sure to witness the original bananaboo dance.

When is telling a white lie OK?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How do you make spreadsheets? — Stephanie, El Paso, Texas

Dear Stephanie: A spreadsheet, which is a document used to organize information into rows and columns of cells, can be made with computer applications such as Microsoft Excel. Excel has all of the tools necessary to make a spreadsheet. School Spreadsheet Safari at http://library.thinkquest.org/J0110054 has directions on how to use spreadsheets. For example, Spreadsheet Vocabulary explains all of the terms you will need to get yourself started.

Dear Amy: What is a gigabyte? — Patrick, Wichita, Kan.

Dear Patrick: A gigabyte is a unit of measure equal to about 1 billion bytes. Bytes are the units that a computer uses to organize information. Your hard drive and memory are measured by how many bytes they store. For more detailed information about gigabytes, visit www.tekmom.com/buzzwords/zdgiga.html.

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