Week of September 11, 2005

Outside the Shell

See what's pipping out at 4-H Embryology at http://lancaster
. This site is an excellent resource for learning how to incubate eggs and what to expect during the hatching. In Candling, find out about using a bright light to study the growth and development of an embryo. View photos and videos of ducks, turkeys, peacocks and chickens hatching in Photos and Movie Clips. Also, learn why scientists inject colored dye into embryos. Resources and Updates provide answers to any questions you may have. This site is “egg”-cellent.

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What are embryos called that have quit growing?

rotten eggs


What was the most destructive weapon of the medieval age?

battering ram
siege tower


How many labors did Hercules have to perform?



Medieval Times

Hear ye! Hear ye! Venture to a time of lords, ladies, knights and castles with Medieval Siege, part of the NOVA series “Secrets of Lost Empires,” at www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/lostempires/trebuchet. Launch a siege on a castle in Medieval Arms Race, using such techniques as direct assault, trebuchet and battering ram. Life in a Castle reveals what castle living was like and who actually lived there. Go to NOVA’s science game, Destroy the Castle, where you can launch a trebuchet on your own. At this site, be on guard.

Zero to Hero

Celebrate Hercules, Greece's Greatest Hero at www.perseus.tufts.edu/
. Hercules is the most famous and most beloved of the Greek heroes. In Bio, read stories of Hercules’ life and times, such as “Zeus and Alcmene” and the “Further Adventures of Hercules.” Maps highlight the many places where Hercules traveled on his adventures. This site also features Women, such as Hera, Athena and Megara, who were instrumental in Hercules’ life. Other Stories expand on the hero’s action-packed life. He’s Hercules, Hercules!


Do you think schools should have field trips? Why or why not?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Who helps create a city? — Maurice, Ashland, Mass.

Dear Maurice: The creation of a city is a collaborative effort by city planners, builders, the local government and the community. Overall, the city planner is responsible for the initial layout or maintenance of the city. Planners are concerned with maximizing space, protecting the environment, organization and efficiency. They pay attention to the number of parks in neighborhoods and how big a parking lot should be for certain businesses. To learn more about city planners and to participate in planning activities of your own, visit www.planning.org/kidsandcommunity.

Dear Amy: Why won’t my computer start up? — Beth, Syracuse, N.Y.

Dear Beth: There could be several things causing your computer not to start. For example, a cord may not be plugged in completely, or there may be problems with the electricity. Also, the monitor may not be turned on. For some troubleshooting tips, try Austin Free Net at www.austinfree.net/volunteers/troubleshootingtips.html. Good luck!

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