Week of July 24, 2005

Answer the Phone

Hello, operator? Please connect me to The Telephone at www.pbs.org/wgbh/ amex/telephone. Ring out in celebration as you get to know the telephone inventor himself, Alexander Graham Bell, in People and Events. The telephone has evolved over the years. Visit the Gallery and take the Telephones Through the Years Tour. In Special Feature, spread the buzz about forgotten inventors and inventions such as the can opener and blue jeans. Timeline will have you dialing your way from 1750 to 1990 while covering some of America's technological innovations and inventions. This site will call to you.

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What were telephone operators once known as?

Hello Girls
Answer Girls


What type of movie involves risk-taking and daring feats?



What is the major form of transportation in Greenland?
Ski Lift
Sled Dogs



The Director’s Cut

It's lights, camera, action with Movie Making for Kids at www.town4kids.com/
. Learn the Key Elements in a Movie and go on location at Write a Movie Script. Video Shooting Techniques gives you the dos and don'ts of filming. Then it's back to the studio to edit your film and add a sound track in Movie Editing and Music and Sound Effects. Check your sound effect knowledge with the Match the Sounds game. Cut! That's a wrap. (This site is no longer available.)

Around the World

Eighty days doesn't apply to this around-the-world trip. Become a globetrotter as you visit The Greatest Places at www.greatestplaces.org all in one sitting. Your journey's itinerary includes seven stops. Hear the call of the wild in Madagascar, or brave the mighty rivers of the Amazon. Pull on your parka and explore icebergs in Greenland, or head to the Namib Desert where the highest sand dune is found. In Hands- On Activities, Make Your Own Solitaire from Madagascar. Don't forget to send a postcard from your favorite destination.

What creative projects have you done this summer?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What type of bike is best for me? — Stella, Erie, PA.

Dear Stella: There are two basic types of bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes. A mountain bike has thicker wheels to keep you balanced on rocky dirt trails. A road bike has thin wheels that help you ride fast on the streets. You should choose whichever bike suits your style of riding. For help in choosing the right bike for you, visit www.athensbicycle.com/choose1.html. Don't forget to wear a helmet.

Dear Amy: What is the difference between a device and a peripheral device? — Kia, Karachi, Pakistan

Dear Kia: A device is a simple machine designed to perform a task. For example, a hammer is a device used to hammer nails into something. A peripheral device is
specifically designed to complete computer tasks. Examples of peripheral devices are the computer monitor, the mouse and the keyboard. To read a definition of “peripheral device,” visit www.onlinewbc.gov/docs/techno/lingo.html. (This site is no longer available.)

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