Week of December 19, 2004


Being smart has never been as much fun as it is at www.knowitall.org. Have something on your mind? Let it out in Open Lines, a monitored site where you can discuss various topics with kids all over the world. Feeling artsy? Artopia has tons of interactive activities to keep you busy. You can create your own art portfolio or learn to paint and sculpt with the best of them. Take a relaxing float trip down the rivers of South Carolina, stopping every once in a while to explore the surrounding lands and cities in RiverVenture. Now, when someone calls you a know-it-all, be proud.

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In what virtual community can you learn about interesting jobs for kids?

Kids Work!
Keep It Real
Hobby Shop


What was Mr. Philip Astley's most famous act?

The Tailor of Brentford
The Squire of Stratford
The Miller of Monrovia


What are brownfields?
polluted property
areas with dead grass
no-fly zones



Break a Leg

All the world's a stage, and at www.peopleplayuk.org.uk, you can go behind the scenes for some great information on the history of theater. In Guided Tours, learn all about theatrics such as musicals, drama, pantomime or opera. Each tour is full of pictures, sound clips and stories. Track the changes in the art of theater over a span of 500 years in Timelines. To share this site with a friend, check out the e-cards section, where there are lots of greetings to choose from featuring all the images and items on this great site. (This site is no longer available.)

On the Trail of Toxins

Become toxic smart in Tox Town, an interactive guide to common toxic substances, at http://toxtown.nlm.nih.gov. Stroll through the city or town and learn about the chemicals that can be found in drinking water such as arsenic, pesticides and lead. You can gather information at school about monitoring indoor air quality, managing asthma and looking out for asbestos. Now that you have cleansed your mind with information about toxins, get to work cleaning up the area around your home.

What books would you recommend to your friends?


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Celebrate the Holidays

This year, discover the origins of the winter holidays. Did you know that Winter Solstice celebrations have traditions in cultures as diverse as Iran, Pakistan, Tibet and the Hopi Indians? Or that the idea of a 12-day festival goes back to the time of the ancient Mesopotamians? This fascinating history shows just how intertwined all of our celebrations are. Maybe this is why the holiday season, more than any other time of year, brings people together in peace and harmony.

Ancient Origins of the Holidays





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