Week of October 31, 2004

Body & Mind

Play with your pancreas and your personality at
. Once you’ve spent time at Human Body and Mind, you’ll know yourself inside and out! Explore your physical state by dropping organs, bones and muscles into the correct places in the Interactive Body. Are you easily tricked? Take the Senses Challenge to try out some real brain twisters. Then take The Mind’s series of tests to find out what disgusts you, how well you read faces and who makes your heart beat fast.

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How is the tongue of a superstar different than other tongues?

it's smoother
it’s bumpier
it's longer


What does fisherman Luis Baes dream of buying someday?

a motorboat
a sailboat
a houseboat


What type of jazz did Piet Mondrian name a painting after?



Stories of the Chilo

Meet a community of artisans, fishers, farmers and dreamers and listen to their Chiloé Stories at www.chiloestories.org. The people of Chilo, a group of islands off the coast of Chile, have developed their own unique culture. Meet a 12-year-old boy who speaks a language that is in danger of dying and a woman who sings to potatoes in Young Dreamers. In History and Mythology, you’ll find the story of Coo, a big-eyed bird who visits the sick. The stories keep memories of the Chilo traditional ways alive.

What Do You See and Feel?

People express their feelings by making art, but the online exhibit Making Choices asks how you feel after looking at paintings, photographs and posters made between 1920 and 1960. At www.moma.org/education/ makingchoices, begin by examining four different views of Everyday Life. In Christina’s World, you’ll see the prairie through her eyes. Changing Histories will challenge your perception of revolution, migration and war. You’ll also meet artists who staged revolutions to change the art world forever in Different Choices. (This site is no longer available.)


Should all information on the Internet be free?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What should I do when my computer freezes? —Joe, San Antonio

Dear Joe: The first thing to do is sigh loudly and make a throaty growl at your computer. That way everyone around you knows your computer just crashed and that you’re really annoyed, so they shouldn’t mess with you. Then try to remember the last thing you were doing because there’s a chance that some of your work will be lost. Finally, turn off the computer by pressing the power button. You may have to hold it a few seconds before it turns off. Then turn it back on to get things up and running again. Wonder what causes computers to crash? You’ll find some info about crashes at
. (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: What is a basic programming language for me to learn? — Adrian, Houston

Dear Adrian: That’s a good question. I talked this over with a couple of friends of mine who are programmers, and we decided that Pascal is a good language to begin with. It’s pretty basic and will be a good foundation for learning other languages. You can get started learning Pascal at http://web.mit.edu/aoyue/www/ tutorials/pascal. Good luck! (This site is no longer available.)

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