Week of October 24, 2004

American Women

Get in touch with 400 years of girl power with Women in American History at
http: //search.eb.com/women. You’ll see some familiar names and meet lesser-known but equally wonderful women, such as Hawaiian queen Liliuokalani. She proved that women could run the show by standing up to political bullies, but she gave up her throne to prevent war. In the Media Gallery, listen to opera star Adelina Patti belt out tunes. Finish with the study guide for ideas on how to further explore America’s feminine side.

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What was journalist Nellie Bly's real name?

Rose Armstrong
Nellie Buchannon
Elizabeth Cochran


What dangerous insect does Andrew Polaszek study?

the wasp
the spider
the bee


Which Impressionist composer wrote "Golliwog's Cakewalk"?
Julian Cassander Work
Maurice Ravel
Claude Debussy



Searching for Origins in Belize

The web of life can be difficult to untangle, but the scientists in From Jungle to Lab know that even the tiniest bug is a puzzle piece in the study of biodiversity. Head over to www.exploratorium.edu/origins/belize-london to watch workers at a research station in Belize spend their days cataloguing and studying living things using microscopes. Chapal Bol, a Belize native, uses his intimate knowledge of the forest to help gather specimens. You’ll meet him and others dedicated to biology in People.

They’re Oldies but Goodies

Bang your head to the really-oldies with Classics for Kids at www.classicsforkids.com. You may have balked at Bach or moaned at Mozart in the past, but this exciting site makes classic composers come to life. The selection of kid-friendly music includes Gustav Holst’s cosmically cool “The Planets” symphony and Aaron Copeland’s beefy classic “Rodeo.” Movies and commercials still use these tunes, so don’t call them outdated. Be sure to check out everything in Games and take a ride on the Composer Time Machine.


Should skate-boarding be allowed on sidewalks?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What are cookies? — Meg, Chicago

Dear Meg: Cookies are small bits of code that some Web sites place on your computer. They are used for different reasons. Some online e-mail providers give you the option of having the site remember your username and password so that you don’t have to type them every time you log on. The site places a cookie on your computer in order to identify you. Amazon and other online stores use cookies to help them watch how you shop so that they can keep track of the kind of items you buy. Go to www.cookiecentral.com/faq to learn more about cookies.

Dear Amy: Why do I have to get a parent’s permission to sign up for stuff online? — Mandalee, Hutchinson, Ks

Dear Mandalee: If you’re under 14, the Child Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 says that Web sites must have a parent’s permission before it can collect personal information about you, such as where you go to school. COPPA also requires sites to provide privacy policies, which explain what a Web site plans to do with the information they collect. We have more information about the laws that protect kids online at www.4kids.org/safesurf/adults/

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