Week of October 17, 2004

A Wet Spot

Get a feel for nature in the Ozarks at the Bryant Creek Watershed Atlas at www.watersheds.org. With boatloads of activities, you’ll never want to leave this wet wonderland. Feeling hungry? Pack a macroinvertebrate lunch and watch a movie starring snails, frogs and worms. You can meet an old-time folk healer who prescribes herbs for everyday ailments. Explore Bryant Creek and its old mills and tributaries in Places. Then head outdoors to wander through wild caves.

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What plant’s leaves are used to make poke salat?

poison ivy
oak tree


What made the Allen sisters turn from teaching to photography?

a photograph
bad students
hearing loss


When did Walt Disney World open in Florida?
January 1965
October 1971
August 1973



Cool Old Stuff

Get an eyeful of historical artifacts, an earful of stories and a brain full of knowledge at http:// memorialhall.mass.edu. American Centuries shows you the history of New England from many perspectives. Enter the Raid on Deerfield to see colonial conflict through the eyes of five nations. You can go century-by-century or browse hundreds of objects from Memorial Hall Museum in Massachusetts. Curate your own collection as you meander through this digital archive.

Life Is a Highway

Can’t wait to get on the road again? Then ride to Hittin’ the Road: Driving Vacations Through the Ages at www.msnbc.com/modules
. As you cruise through the decades, car styles, vacation hot spots, groovy music and clothing styles will change right before your eyes. How much would a vacation have cost your family in the 1950s? Compare today’s vacation expenses to those in the past with Cost Finder. Then get your kicks on Route 66 while reliving a 1960s road trip on this famous stretch of road. (This site is no longer available.)

What do you think is
the most useful subject in school?

Speak Out Here!

How Do You Say ...?

How many languages do you speak? I’m not talking about the silly languages you speak to your pets or to babies. I mean languages from other cultures. Learning a new language is lots of fun! You get to learn about how other people live and talk. And you can annoy your brother or sister by speaking so that they don’t understand what you’re saying. Check out these sites for some basics about these four languages. As you learn a language, use the Web to search for sites about what people are like in the countries that speak these languages.

Learn Spanish

Say It in Japanese

Primary French

The German Tutor

— Amy

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