Week of September 21, 2003

Energy Source

Brighten your world when you flip the Energy Quest switch at www.energyquest.ca.gov. Gasoline isn’t the only fuel for automobiles. They can run on hydrogen or liquids made from animal fat. The Energy Story tells about different energy sources and how they are used for power in everyday life. Read “Devoured by the Dark,” a story about a boy who didn’t like science. Energy Cryptograms and Watt’s That?! are just two activities you’ll find in Games. Be sure to check out the science projects, complete with ideas, material lists and directions.

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What are the two types of energy?

electric and fossil fuel
kinetic and potential
atomic and molecular


What is the capital of South Carolina?



How many eyes do most spiders have?



To Be Indivisible ...

Travel across America to learn about the Indivisible Stories of American Community at www.indivisible.org. This site features pictures of 12 communities in the United States, which give viewers insight into the activities and lives of people in each community. Visit Alaska’s more-than 30,000 miles of shoreline, and learn why coastal residents organized the Alaska Marine Conservation Council. Or read about people who are fighting crime in their Chicago community.

World of Arachnids

Said the spider to the fly, “Step into the Spider Room at www.spiderroom.info.” Anansi, your clever, eight-legged guide, takes you on a tour of the arachnid world. Meet a funnel-weaving grass spider, a flower-loving crab spider and others in Spider Species. You can read spider-inspired poems, sayings and legends from around the world in Spider Yarns. Ever wonder how the Earth connects to the sky? In a Pima Indian myth, a spider spun a web and wove the two together.

Should the number of passengers with a teenage driver be
limited by law?

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Wherever You May Roam

Unless you’re Superman, you probably can’t travel the world in one day. But the Web makes this feat possible online. This month I give you six sites that will take you to a country from around the world. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

Estonia — Official State Web Center


Destination Venezuela

Discover South Africa

100% Pure New Zealand



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