Week of September 7, 2003

A Healthy Connection

The Fitness Jumpsite at www.primusweb.com/ fitnesspartner is your connection to a lifestyle of fitness, nutrition and health. Jog into the Fitness Library, where you’ll find great tips about managing your weight, using exercise equipment and staying active. The Activity Calorie Calculator shows how your workout stacks up against 158 activities. Build up your health with a tasty and nutritious eating plan.
If this site gives you an information overload, then find out how vitamins can help you cope with stress.

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Approximately what percentage of females suffer from eating disorders?



What is unique about the summer flounder?

It doesn't have eyes
It has only one eye
It has two eyes on one side of its head


What did Mary Cassatt leave out of her self-portrait?
her hands
her hair
her mouth



Something Fishy Is Going On

Slip into a wetsuit and swim through the National Aquarium in Baltimore at www.aqua.org. Club Hammerhead, a club just for kids, has an animal of the month and a coloring sheet of Hammerhead Hank. Conservation efforts are under way both in oceans and at Chesapeake Bay. You can help locally by following conservation tips. Check out the animals at the aquarium and enter the world of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and, of course, fish.

What’s in a Face?

Make Eye Contact with famous portraitists and their subjects at www.npg.si.edu/cexh/eye. The National Portrait Gallery’s online exhibit takes you on a tour of American portraiture from the 1880s to the 1980s. Some portraits are funny to behold, such as the one of "Bojangles" Robinson, while others, such as Everett Shinn’s self-portrait, are dramatic. Read how psychology and science influenced artists in Experimental Portraiture. Though some portraits are abstract, they hint at the personality behind the face.

What is the most underappreciated profession?
Why do you think so?

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Make Your Own Fun

School’s in full swing now, so what can you do to make homework and time in class more fun? That’s easy. Add a little flare to your school supplies. You may be thinking, “I’ve been in school too long, and it’s finally done me in,” but hear me out on this one.
KD Craft Exchange has school craft ideas at http://crafts.kaboose.com/holidays/back-to-school/school-crafts.html. Start off by making funky book covers for your textbooks. You can use pictures of your favorite athletes and musicians. Or use a blank piece of paper so you can write and draw on it. At the end of the semester, it will be a document of all the crazy stuff that happened.

Another way to keep things exciting is to decorate your backpack. Put patches and buttons on it that have funny sayings or that are inside jokes between you and your friends. Also, KD Craft Exchange shows how to make cool little pencil toppers. You can use an idea from the site, or come up with a pencil topper idea of your own. Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I think a Woody Woodpecker pencil topper would be fantastic. Whatever you do, have tons of fun!

— Amy

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